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Delivering application-driven infrastructures that give your apps the performance they need without breaking the bank.

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Getting applications and infrastructure to work together in the cloud is complex and cumbersome, overburdening both Dev and Ops teams. An all-too-common result: massive cloud overspending because of overprovisioning and wasted, inefficient infrastructure that slows cloud adoption and innovation.

Not anymore.

NetApp and Spot have joined forces to help companies make applications and cloud infrastructures work together seamlessly. We’re making application-driven infrastructures a reality—cloud infrastructures that understand and automatically adapt to application needs. The result: improved performance, increased agility, and up to 90% reductions in cloud infrastructure costs, whether you run on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS.


Applications and Infrastructure Working Together

Our combined history of innovation in cloud storage and compute makes application-driven infrastructure possible. We understand how cloud infrastructure affects application resource needs and we’ve built solutions that automatically ensure infrastructure performance, availability and efficiency to meet changing application demands.

We enable Ops teams to meet the service-level agreements (SLA) and service-level objectives (SLOs) of applications without worrying about available infrastructure and without overprovisioning storage and compute resources. Application and infrastructure teams can move faster with continuous implementation and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines complemented by continuous optimization (CO).


Storage Optimization Meets Compute Optimization

NetApp and Spot have built solutions that automatically ensure infrastructure performance, availability and efficiency to meet changing application demands from complex business applications to cloud-native services.

  • NetApp: Optimize Storage and Data

    Storage plays a pivotal role in supporting applications and in application-driven infrastructures. Particularly for complex workloads like HPC, SAP, and Windows Virtual Desktop, you need visibility into your entire cloud infrastructure—both in the cloud and in your data center—to ensure availability, manage costs, and protect data.

    Building on our history of innovation in storage and data management—both in the data center and the cloud—NetApp gives you visibility and insight into storage resources across cloud providers, platforms, and applications. We enable Ops teams to automate provisioning and optimization processes to continuously deliver the right storage for applications, optimizing your storage costs and workload performance while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance.



  • Spot: Automate and Optimize Compute

    Cloud compute resources come in a dizzying array of types, configurations, and pricing models, making it difficult to ensure that those resources are keeping up with ever-changing applications. Spot automates the optimization of those resources, so your CloudOps team doesn’t have to be in a constant cycle of manual changes and your Dev teams can work faster without the constraint of insufficient infrastructure.

    We use machine learning and analytics to combine extensive data about cloud infrastructure pricing, capacity, and availability with real-time analysis of application resource needs and identify the ideal mix of spot, reserved and on-demand compute resources. We can then automatically provision, scale, and refresh those resources to avoid interruptions, meet demand, and minimize costs—all without requiring changes to applications.



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