ic_astra_familyAstra – storage provisioning and data management for Kubernetes

Application data and storage management for cloud native applications

Astra’s family of products provides application storage management and data provisioning for stateful cloud native applications powered by NetApp’s trusted data protection technology.

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Astra enables teams to focus on delivering cloud-native applications with full confidence in their data infrastructure. Astra presents a consistent data management experience across hybrid cloud.

Astra’s family of products includes:

Astra Control: Application-aware data management for Kubernetes, available both as a fully managed service and self-manage software.

Astra Trident:
 Data connectivity to persistent data stores for Kubernetes applications.

Astra Data Store:
 Kubernetes native unified data storage platform for file and block, containers and VMs.

Storage Platforms:
CVS for Google Cloud Platform,  ANF, ONTAP and Astra Data Store.

Cloud Insights:
Analyze Kubernetes topology to improve storage utilization and optimize performance and resources.

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Astra product family
  • Astra_Control_logo

    Astra Control

    Astra Control offers stateful Kubernetes workloads a rich set of storage and application-aware data management services powered by NetApp’s trusted data protection technology.

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  • ic_astra_trident

    Astra Trident

    Astra Trident provides orchestration and data connectivity for Kubernetes applications. It is a Kubernetes Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver and is deployed as a free open source offering from NetApp.

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  • Astra-Data-Store-1

    Astra Data Store

    Astra Data Store is a Kubernetes-native shared file service for container and VM workloads. It provides a scalable, resilient platform with automatic enterprise data management suitable for all your Kubernetes workloads.

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Use cases

  • Data protection with snapshots
    With Astra you can take application-aware snapshots for local data protection. If you accidentally delete or corrupt your data, you can revert your applications and associated data to a previously recorded snapshot within the same Kubernetes cluster.
  • Disaster recovery with remote backup
    With Astra you can take a full application-aware backup of your application and state which can be used to restore your application with its data to a different Kubernetes cluster in the same or a different region addressing your DR use-cases.
  • Application portability for cloud bursting and migration with instant active clones
    With Astra you can move an entire application along with its data from one Kubernetes cluster to another, no matter where the clusters are located.
  • Build business-critical Kubernetes applications 
    With Astra you can support any containerized workload  with the full set of enterprise data management services and tools you are used to
  • Build application as a service platforms for DevOps
    With Astra you can create elastic, software-defined, self-serve platforms that deliver automated, repeatable services which removes complexity from developers.