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Storage the way Kubernetes wants it

Accelerate your adoption of cloud-native applications with an industry leading Kubernetes-native, unified shared file service for containers and VMs with advanced enterprise data management.

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Astra Data Store is a Kubernetes-native shared file service for container and VM workloads, delivering end-to-end Kubernetes-native data management and storage.

  • Kubernetes-native shared file: One of the 1st to offer a shared file service native to Kubernetes using a standard NFS client as a unified data store for containers and VMs to reduce complexity.
  • Cloud scale: One of the 1st to offer Kubernetes native multiple parallel file systems on the same resource pool to achieve cloud-like scale and utilization.
  • Resilient: Industry-leading use of replication and erasure coding technologies for Kubernetes-native workloads for greater resiliency.

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Cloud-like simplicity through a native Kubernetes experience.

  • Run your apps and storage together
  • API-first
  • Self-healing
  • Automated granular QoS


NetApp Data Management

Empower developers with automatic support for a broad set of apps.

  • File services and data management for scale-out compute
  • Eliminates data silos
  • Fits into your existing environment - file and block, containers and VMs


Run Workloads with Agility

Get dynamic storage that matches the flexibility of Kubernetes.

  • Bring your own hardware
  • Scale out to meet growing data needs
  • Data and app portability across clusters, hybrid and multi-cloud

Use cases

  • Cloud-native application portability for cloud bursting and migration with instant active clones
    With Astra Data Store you can move an entire application along with its data from one Kubernetes cluster to another, no matter where the clusters are located.
  • Build business-critical Kubernetes applications
    With Astra Data Store you can support any containerized workload with the full set of enterprise data management services and tools you are used to.
  • Build Kubernetes “application as a service” platforms for DevOps
    With Astra Data Store you can create elastic, software-defined, self-serve platforms that deliver automated, repeatable services which removes complexity from developers.
  • Go faster

    Keep developers focused on code to deliver new customer experiences and compete

  • Realize quicker ROI

    Storage efficiencies, workload consolidation and full automation lowers operating cost for faster ROI.

  • Minimize risk

    Build on enterprise-grade data management foundation to secure and protect data
    and lower production risk.

Why NetApp for Kubernetes?

  • NetApp is the world’s leader in data management solutions.
  • NetApp has been part of every transformation in the industry – from physical hardware to virtual machines and now containers and Kubernetes. We’re invested in helping our customers through their data center modernization journey so they can get the agility, speed and flexibility to support business change.
  • NetApp is committed to the burgeoning Cloud Native space.
    • Platinum member of CNCF.
    • Key contributor to Kubernetes storage SIGs, the Data Protection WG, and the Container Storage Interface (CSI). 
    • Creators of Trident, the first operator based storage orchestrator for Kubernetes, providing native, integrated persistence for tens of thousands of stateful applications today.
  • NetApp is the only storage platform native in all of the major public clouds.
  • NetApp is a trusted leader in primary storage arrays, excelling in scale-out all flash systems and data management.

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