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Paying Too Much for Infrequently-Used Data?

Learn how data tiering can cut cloud storage costs to as low as $0.01 per GB per month with automated storage tiering to Amazon S3 or Azure Blob

Infrequently-used data, whether it’s active data, DR copies, or snapshots, can be real cost burdens if stored on performant storage types like Amazon EBS or Azure managed disks. NetApp has a solution for this with Cloud Volumes ONTAP’s automated storage tiering feature.

What is data tiering? Cloud Volumes ONTAP can automatically shift cold data to an object storage capacity tier on Azure Blob or Amazon S3 and automatically bring it back to the performance tier on Azure managed disks or Amazon EBS as soon as it’s needed and with hardly any performance impact, saving you time and reducing your Azure storage costs or AWS storage costs.

Join us as we demonstrate this cost-effective method for automatically shifting infrequently-used data to less-expensive storage on AWS or Azure. Find out all about fully-automated data tiering with Cloud Volumes ONTAP, including how to:

  • Activate automated storage tiering once reaching 50% capacity
  • Tier entire sets of data in cases such as DR or backup copies
  • Calculate your expected cost savings
  • Work around native cloud service storage limitations
  • Further tier storage to different storage class levels within each object format to reduce costs even more
  • Combine data tiering with other storage efficiencies for even more savings
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    Oded Berman

    Product Marketing, Host

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    Yaron Haimsohn

    Manager, Cloud Solutions Architecture, Expert

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