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The Essential Role of IT in Ransomware Protection

Prepare, Identify, Protect and Recover your data

Is CyberStorage a thing?

Up until recently ransomware was exclusively the CISO’s concern. However, with the expansion of the digital footprint and the variety of data sources being used by organizations, the attack surface grew dramatically. The perimeter is never 100% protected and therefore I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) teams need to prepare and protect data as the last line of defense.

CyberStorage is the concept of storage platforms integrated with active data protection tools and measures, along with the native ability to create protected copies of the data.

It’s about eliminating the risk.

Watch this session to learn more about how to:

  • Prepare your data – Discover, map, classify + Migrate, Remove, or tag data
  • Identify and monitor data usage patterns to detect data anomalies
  • Protect and manage permission and user access controls
  • Recover data anytime with immutable copies, snapshots, DR (Disaster Recovery) sites and more.

Watch the Webinar

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    Host: Oded Berman

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