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The problem with data protection today

Backup and recovery can’t keep up with the requirements of users today. As storage grows, companies struggle with the rising cost of protecting that data and Legacy technologies increase companies’ risk exposure. Specifically, many organizations fine that backup is:

  • Too slow. Users expect instant recovery and minimal data loss, but legacy backup and recovery strategies can’t keep pace. As a result, many organizations fail to meet backup and recovery windows.
  • Too expensive. As storage grows, companies struggle with the rising cost of protecting that data on premises. Additionally, bandwidth costs and constraints become more acute with larger datasets.
  • Too risky. Many organizations still rely on tape, which increases risk exposure because of the potential for lost media in transport, increased downtime and data loss, and limited testing ability.

The solution: cloud-integrated storage for backup and recovery

Cloud-integrated storage solves many of the challenges that organizations face in data backup, disaster recovery, and long-term archive today by turning the cloud into a low-cost, instantly accessible data storage tier for backup and archive data. By storing copies of data in the cloud, you can ensure that backups are quickly transported offsite for resiliency (without tape!), take advantage of cloud economics in a secure and responsible fashion, all while freeing up valuable employee time.

 “Every data protection modernization conversation today really has to include the cloud.” –Jason Buffington, Senior Analyst, ESG 

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