Bring all your enterprise apps to Kubernetes: NetApp’s cloud-native SDS is now available for preview

February 8, 2022

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Announcing open access for NetApp Astra Data Store preview

For too long, Kubernetes clusters have had to run only stateless applications or deal with piecemeal ways to handle data. At the same time, virtual machines (VMs) have been treated separately. These unfortunate tradeoffs mean disparate operations and heavy toil, and they limit the adoption of workloads in Kubernetes.

Today we are excited to announce the preview release of NetApp® Astra™ Data Store, a Kubernetes-native, shared file, unified data store for containers and VMs with advanced enterprise data management.

Our co-development customers and community partners have shared their needs for Kubernetes storage and data management. Scale, extensibility, and robustness are just the starting point. Here’s what has been missing:

  • An easy-to-use storage solution that increases developer productivity
  • A shared storage service that enables developers to bring all of their apps to Kubernetes with less toil
  • A resilient data foundation to build rich data services

Astra Data Store addresses these requirements, demonstrating NetApp’s innovative approach with a Kubernetes-native storage solution, as well as innovations in the deployment and management of enterprise-grade storage for on-premises Kubernetes clusters.

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Astra Data Store preview capabilities

The Astra Data Store preview lets you provide cloud-native software-defined storage (SDS) within the Kubernetes cluster.

Key Astra Data Store preview capabilities include:

  • Native shared file service with NetApp’s field-hardened, advanced enterprise data management

  • Can be deployed on bare metal and in virtualized environments 

  • Broad support for upstream Kubernetes, Anthos, and Red Hat OpenShift

  • Can be integrated with Astra Trident and Astra Control Center for end-to-end Kubernetes provisioning, data protection, and Kubernetes-native storage. Read this blog post to learn more about Astra Control and the latest enhancements that add deep K8s data protection features with broad ecosystem integration

What’s next?

Beta and product general availability (GA) releases will add functionality and broader interoperability to Astra Data Store. Try out the Astra Data Store preview today and then stay connected to receive announcements on future version availability.

Get Astra Data Store

Download the Astra Data Store preview and try it yourself. Learn more about Astra and the latest Astra Data Store release.

Senior Director, Astra Product Management