Kubernetes Data Management

Consolidate your containers and VMs onto the same Kubernetes-native SDS

Be one of the first to join the Early Access Program for NetApp Astra Data Store.

Today, May 16, 2022, we’re announcing the launch of our Early Access Program for NetApp® Astra™ Data Store, NetApp’s Kubernetes-native unified shared file service for containers and virtual machines (VMs). It provides enterprise data management across your modern and virtualized workloads. To date, feedback from select customers and partners has helped shape our product and roadmap.

As we launch the Early Access Program, we look forward to working closely with our customers on their Kubernetes and virtual machine use cases. The program expands what is possible when unified data management works across containers and VMs.

We continue to expand the capabilities of Astra Data Store. Those who have already been testing it will find critical new enhancements in this release. New capabilities include self-service provisioning of shared file volumes for K8s apps, full support for VMware virtual machine storage, and full integration into Astra Control, our Kubernetes app-aware data management product.

Astra Data Store builds on NetApp’s 30 years of experience with advanced enterprise data management that delivers a Kubernetes-native, shared file, unified data store for both containers and VMs.

Unified support for containers and VMs was an architectural design choice, driven directly by requests from our customers. But why would you want to be able to simultaneously support VMs alongside your containers from the same data store?

To pave a way to the future. For starters, not all apps can be or need to be refactored or rearchitected to containers. The adage of not fixing what ain’t broke holds true as we transition to cloud - native applications. This means that you may be living with those traditional apps and their VM-based deployment model for some time. You need a data foundation that serves your legacy apps while paving a way to the future with microservice-based cloud - native apps.

For operational simplicity. Second, you may have higher priorities than changing your computing environment to accommodate a cloud - native only model. Shy of a bazillion dollar budget, you need a future - proof data foundation that accelerates your Kubernetes adoption and that doesn’t require starting from scratch.

To leverage your existing VM estate and expertise.  Finally, if you’re like most users, you will start by running Kubernetes in your existing virtualized infrastructure. Almost all popular Kubernetes distributions support this deployment model of running Kubernetes inside a VM. Again, your existing VM farm isn’t going anywhere, so let’s take advantage of it and leverage your VM expertise for a bit longer.

You’ll probably begin this transformation in an environment where your VMs and Kubernetes share the x86 server resource pool. Fortunately, your x86 and virtualization provider foresaw this future and is able to run both containers and VMs as first-class citizens. You shouldn’t expect or accept anything different from your data storage provider.

1-May-06-2022-07-05-17-97-AM K8s-native Astra Data Store serving both containers and VMs

Why you need the Astra Data Store Early Access Program

With the Astra Data Store Early Access Program, you can provide cloud - native software-defined storage (SDS) within Kubernetes clusters to both containers and VMs.

Key capabilities include:

  • Native shared file service with NetApp’s field-hardened, advanced enterprise data management for cloud native Kubernetes apps.
  • vVols enabled, VM granular storage provisioning with full VASA and SPBM integration – everything your existing VM farms need.
  • Flexibility to be deployed on bare metal or in virtualized environments. 
  • Broad support for upstream Kubernetes, Anthos, Red Hat OpenShift, and vSphere environments.
  • Seamless integration with Astra Trident and Astra Control Center for end-to-end Kubernetes data management.
  • vCenter plug-ins for vSphere native management.

Sign up for the Early Access Program today

The Astra Data Store Early Access Program is available to customers running cloud - native applications in Kubernetes bare-metal and vSphere environments. There is no charge for the program. Given the level of interaction with the product team, the Early Access Program is available on a first-come, first-served basis with a limited number of slots. So sign up for the Early Access Program today!

For more product release news, visit the Astra Data Store page or connect with our product teams by reaching out on our slack channel.

Senior Director, Astra Product Management