Modern apps finally get the best of both worlds: Kubernetes-native SDS + native shared file services from NetApp

We are excited to announce the expansion of our Astra™ portfolio of Kubernetes solutions with NetApp® Astra Data Store, a Kubernetes-native, shared file, unified data store for containers and VMs with advanced enterprise data management, available for preview in the coming months.

Our journey to simplify stateful applications on Kubernetes

We announced Astra in April of 2020 with the mission to make stateful applications on Kubernetes as easy for customers to run and manage as stateless applications. Since then, we have delivered on this mission with the following market-leading innovations:

  • NetApp Astra Control
    • Astra Control was the industry’s first fully managed application-aware Kubernetes data management service. Over the past 7 months we introduced Astra Control Service in Google Cloud and Azure. We extended support for hybrid cloud deployments with self-managed software for applications running Kubernetes on premises.
    • Astra Control allows customers to build backup, disaster recovery, cloning, and migration workflows for Kubernetes applications using the same UI and API regardless of where they run.
  • NetApp Astra Trident
    • We’re also the creators and maintainers of Astra Trident, the world’s first externaI provisioner for Kubernetes (originally released in 2016), providing native, integrated persistence for tens of thousands of stateful applications today. 
    • Although there are many container storage interface (CSI) storage drivers, Trident has an established track record and is trusted by industry-leading enterprise customers across multiple verticals.

Since Astra was introduced, it has been protecting applications at scale and simplifying Kubernetes operations at leading organizations in fintech, telco, media and entertainment, pharmaceuticals, and retail. In the coming months, look for more data services, hybrid, and multi-cloud capabilities as we co-develop with the ecosystem and customers.


NetApp Kubernetes Portfolio

Our mission continues – Astra Data Store

Astra Data Store is the next step in our commitment to and focused investment in Kubernetes and the cloud-native space.

As Kubernetes practitioners know, it can be challenging to find a reliable and Kubernetes-native file service with enterprise data management, especially in a software-defined storage form factor.

Common challenges include:

  • Lack of mature shared file services. Many containerized applications are built to use file services for shared access. Most Kubernetes-native data stores are on block storage. Deploying and managing these apps on block storage requires rearchitecting them to shared-nothing, slowing adoption of cloud-native technologies.
  • Proprietary file clients. Most Kubernetes-native storage solutions require installation of proprietary storage clients and storage software, increasing risk, cost, and complexity.
  • Managing data stores separately for virtual machines and containers. Containerized storage may serve only containers and not VMs. This can create data silos and management headaches, stalling digital transformation efforts.

Astra Data Store is architected specifically to address these challenges head on. Our teams have been hard at work for over a year designing and building this Kubernetes-native data service founded on NetApp’s mature enterprise data management technologies and cloud-native design patterns.

Astra Data Store is one of the first Kubernetes-native, unified shared file services for containers and VMs, with advanced enterprise data management. It helps customers accelerate adoption of cloud-native apps in their organizations. We’re accomplishing a lot with Astra Data Store:

  • Because it’s among the first to offer a shared file service native to Kubernetes using a standard NFS client as a unified data store for containers and VMs, it reduces operational complexity.
  • As one of the first to offer Kubernetes-native multiple parallel file systems on the same resource pool, it enables customers to achieve cloudlike utilization and scale-out.
  • With industry-leading use of replication and erasure coding technologies for Kubernetes-native workloads, it offers greater resiliency in container storage.

Our preview will be publicly available over the coming months, with General Availability targeted for the first half of 2022.

“NetApp has been part of every transformation in the industry – from physical hardware to virtual machines and now containers and Kubernetes. NetApp has long been committed to the burgeoning cloud-native space, and with Astra Data Store we’re giving customers more infrastructure options to build modern data centers, with the ability to deploy world-leading primary storage and data management solutions directly into their Kubernetes clusters.” —Eric Han, NetApp VP Product Management

Where to go next

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Senior Director, Astra Product Management