Salesforce retired its Data Recovery service. Now what happens if you lose data?

What was the Data Recovery service from Salesforce?

The Salesforce Data Recovery service was an offering in which customers paid a fee to recover data that had been inadvertently lost through accidental deletion, overwriting, or simple user error—or a combination. It’s important to note that Salesforce is still maintaining backups to protect against things like outages. But the company no longer keeps “time machine” backups from which a customer could recover from errors made in the past.

Why has this service gone away?

Salesforce has been quite transparent about this action, so I am quoting right from the company’s help article:

“At Salesforce, customer Trust is our number one priority. The data recovery process does not meet our high standards for customer experience due to the length of time and reliability of the process. This process takes a minimum of 6–8 weeks to complete and we cannot guarantee 100% data recovery. Due to these issues, we are no longer offering this service as of July 31, 2020.”

To know more, you can read the Salesforce Data Recovery Retirement

What are the other options for a data recovery service?

Retirement of the Data Recovery service doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck, however. You do have options to protect against data loss, and I explain some of them here. As you will see, some are good but require a lot of manual intervention and decision making. For automation, granularity, efficiency, and security, NetApp® SaaS Backup for Salesforce is the optimal choice.

Salesforce native data backup options

Native tools have always been available in Salesforce, including the weekly Data Export Service and Report Export and the use of Data Loader to store data manually in backup locations.

Salesforce Data Recovery

Although these options are useful, are free, and come native with Salesforce, you should consider three main limitations:

  • Data is backed up but restoring it can be very challenging and time-consuming. Salesforce is a relational database, so the order and execution of restoring data tables can be complex.
  • These options rely on human intervention, and after data is restored, it will likely require Salesforce and data architects to put the data “back” in the correct order. This process can also be time-consuming, but more important, it might also mean an outage for your users and your customers.
  • These options do not provide storage or any form of automated recovery capabilities. In their simplest form, they are just CSV files.

AppExchange options

You can also choose from many third-party options on AppExchange. As a matter of fact, Salesforce itself has been recommending for some time that you use a third-party option for your backup needs. Some apps are more comprehensive than others in that they allow you to automate backups for your Salesforce data and provide a mechanism by which to easily restore that data. You can evaluate these apps by visiting AppExchange directly and then searching for the keyword backup.

The fact that many AppExchange products are available might initially seem like a good thing. However, you must review multiple options before you can find the app that best meets your unique needs to protect your data backup and to restore easily. You must determine which app meets your needs for:

  • Improved capabilities, including automated recovery, archiving, and replication
  • Minimal setup time
  • Reduced manual intervention
  • Detailed extracts for audit and compliance purposes
  • Security and compliance

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