Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Cloud Manager Available on Google Cloud Platform in All Regions

We’re proud to announce that Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Cloud Manager are now available on Google Cloud Platform in all regions.

Now users on Google Cloud can leverage Cloud Volumes ONTAP and the benefits of Cloud Manager’s enhanced services for file and block shares, Kubernetes persistent storage, databases, disaster recovery, and DevOps use cases that enterprises on the AWS and Azure clouds have depended on for years.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is the management layer for the storage services provided by Google Cloud Persistent Disk block storage and Cloud Storage object format, giving enterprises the added data protection and cost-saving storage efficiency features that they need to make cloud deployments effective. The value-add comes from a ton of new features for Google Cloud that are only available from NetApp. This release customers can get up to 368TB with data tiering to Cloud Storage, have feature parity and the same pricing for Cloud Volumes ONTAP on AWS and Azure. Please note this release is for a single node configuration with high availability coming in a future version.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP has benefits for NetApp and non-NetApp customers. Just the storage efficiencies alone make Cloud Volumes ONTAP better than free!

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