Fully Managed Data Protection for Cloud Volumes ONTAP Made Easy

We’re pleased to announce that the NetApp Cloud Backup & Restore Service for Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) on AWS has been successfully deployed in five AWS regions (US-EAST-1, US-WEST-2, EU-WEST-1, EU-CENTRAL-1, AP-SOUTHEAST-2).

Cloud Backup runs as a Service; compute and storage resources are all cloud based so ZERO hardware & ZERO IT administration needs to be deployed or managed. We want you to utilize cloud infrastructure as a true service. Cloud Backup Service for CVO removes operating expenses, reduces costs, simplifies processes and accelerates your business. It’s fully integrated via Cloud Manager, available through a simple UI and API. 

We are working to deliver a full enterprise grade storage and data management solution stack where all Cloud Volumes are Highly Available, Replicated, Encrypted, Backed Up & Restored, Monitored, Secured, Compliant and presented to workloads on VM’s and Containers. All from NetApp, all delivered as a service.

You can restore only what you need, when you need it to a Cloud Volume tier appropriate for your workload.

Cloud Backup Service backups are billed per TB per month, based on the amount of logical data protected by each backup. Cloud Backup Service restores are at $50 per TB per month for backup, and $50 per TB per month for restore, as PAYGO through AWS marketplace with AWS S3 costs included. We expect great total cost of ownership for our customers. TCO examples, per year:

    1. 10 TB data, retained for 30 days at 3% daily change rate: $13.5K/year
    2. 50 TB data, retained for 30 days at 3% daily change rate: $67.8K/year
    3. 300TB data, retained for 30 days at 3% daily change rate: $407K/year

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Cloud Backup will expand its coverage of regions for AWS, support Azure NetApp Files and CVO for Azure in the next few months.
It’s easy to start and a fast way to reduce backup costs.

To learn more about NetApp Cloud Backup Service with Cloud Volumes ONTAP, watch our webinar: Cloud Backup Service: An Easier Way to Protect Your Data.

SVP & GM, Cloud Data Services