Improve Business Outcomes for SAP HANA Workloads on Google Cloud with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

June 15, 2020

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The movement of application workloads to cloud continues to accelerate as companies streamline development, distribute deployment, and optimize solutions by using highly scalable and lower-cost infrastructure delivered by Google Cloud. Building upon NetApp’s 25+ years of storage industry leadership, NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud is now certified for use with SAP HANA scale up deployments on all Compute Engine VM instances that are certified for demanding workloads such as SAP HANA.

Cloud Volumes Service is a fully managed, natively integrated enterprise storage-as-a-service partner solution for Google Cloud that delivers enterprise data management capabilities needed by production workloads to run in Google Cloud. And now it’s certified for use with SAP HANA on Google Cloud. This certification for use with SAP HANA recognizes the maturity of the capabilities that NetApp and Google Cloud have continued to develop in the short time since Cloud Volumes Service became generally available at Google Cloud Next in London last November.

Moving SAP HANA Workloads to the Cloud

In a survey of its customers, SAP reports that 73% of businesses were planning to deploy and 18% are currently deploying SAP HANA, including places such as cloud. These organizations are driven by a need to optimize their digital transformation journey: to improve agility and visibility, to drive innovation, to reduce costs, and to shorten the time to process information. Google Cloud solutions, combined with solutions like Cloud Volumes Service, help businesses like yours realize such benefits quickly. You can then act to secure a competitive advantage with new business intelligence that’s supported by leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions from Google Cloud.

Cloud Volumes Service and the Journey to Cloud

What does it mean to take advantage of a fully managed storage-as-a-service solution like Cloud Volumes Service? Well, it’s pretty easy to do. It’s exactly what you would expect from a Google Cloud service. You get a solution that is:

  • Delivered and spun up natively within the Google Cloud console and API
  • Accessible and provisioned within minutes, not in hours or days
  • Highly flexible in scale and performance, both upward as your needs accelerate and downward as your needs retract
  • Fully integrated with Google Cloud operations, support, and billing

With the wide range of enhanced capabilities, your organization can reduce costs while being more nimble and strategic in delivering business results. You can provision volumes of up to 100TB in minutes, gain class-leading capabilities such as dynamically adjusting your volume capacity and performance to match your workload lifecycle, and create block-level snapshots and storage-efficient clones.

It’s no wonder that Cloud Volumes Service has earned the Google Cloud Partner of the Year Award for Infrastructure Solution 2 years in a row!

Delivering the Flexible Performance That You Need for SAP

With this certification now in place, as an SAP HANA application owner, you can be confident about meeting the same KPIs with the same capabilities that you have in your data center today:

  • Throughput of up to 460,000 IOPS
  • Sustained latency of 1ms or less
  • Ability to dynamically adjust your workload’s performance and throughput through its lifecycle
  • Data availability SLA of 99.9
  • Integrated snapshots so that SAP database and log volumes are protected if an unexpected change occurs that requires your data to revert to a prior point in time
  • Disaster recovery through the upcoming cross-region volume replication feature, protecting your SAP environment from regional outages
  • Rapid clones to accelerate your dev/test workstreams

And because Cloud Volumes Service is from NetApp, you get the capabilities as an SAP user without sacrificing the high performance or low latency that you expect with your applications running in Google Cloud. And you incur no additional feature costs.

An Example of How Cloud Volumes Service and SAP Transform Workloads

Simplified SAP operations and data protection are an important added value when you use Cloud Volumes Service for SAP HANA systems. With large SAP HANA databases, file-based or streaming backups can take a few hours or more and put significant additional load on your SAP HANA database server, storage, and networking infrastructure. Cloud Volumes Service snapshot capabilities can reduce your backup time to just a few minutes – for almost any database size – with no impact on your network or compute resources.

Also, the restore and recovery process is much faster. Creating a new volume from a snapshot takes only seconds, and a database restore can be accomplished within minutes. You can easily increase backup frequency, which enables faster recovery times because fewer logs must be recovered.

But speed is not the only benefit of these integrated snapshots. To start refreshing a test system with a clone of the production system or to start creating a system copy, you simply create a new volume from an existing snapshot. Many NetApp customers have used these technical features to reduce project risk and to shorten test cycles.

Would you like to see the enhanced NetApp Cloud Volumes Service capabilities in action? The following short video demonstrates these capabilities for a fast application-consistent backup, using a short script to demonstrate how you can implement your data protection workflows.

Take the Next Steps

If you’re ready to start using Cloud Volumes Service, go to Google Marketplace product listing and follow the QuickStart guide to purchase, enable, and configure the service. If you’d prefer a test drive first, try a risk-free trial.

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