Cloud Volumes Is Here: A New Way to Use NetApp in the Cloud

Posted by Gali Kovacs Topics: Cloud Volumes ONTAP
With the launch of NetApp’s new Cloud Volumes there are big changes coming to NetApp. What does this mean, both for customers who are currently using the cloud for their data management needs and for those who are interested in making the shift to the cloud in the future? Let’s take a look at some of the great things that Cloud Volumes has to offer.

What’s Different?

With the launch of NetApp’s Cloud Volumes, customers can now select from two service models to best meet their needs for data management in the cloud: Cloud Volumes Service and Cloud Volumes ONTAP, formerly ONTAP Cloud.

Cloud Volumes Service is NetApp’s new SaaS offering, targeting born-in-the-cloud enterprises and users who demand a high performance, fully-managed file storage with multi-protocol file services support. This service is available for use with AWS, Azure, and GCP.

For customers seeking full control over their own data management, Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud) is available. If you’re already familiar with ONTAP Cloud, Cloud Volumes ONTAP delivers the same product capabilities, now with a brand-new name. You still get the same premium, enterprise-grade data management software that brings ONTAP into the cloud for use with AWS storage and Azure storage.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is available with NetApp’s storage efficiency features, replication technology, and hybrid multi-cloud platforms control, leveraging the Cloud Manager frontend capabilities.

If you still haven’t tried Cloud Volumes ONTAP, begin a free trial today on Azure or on AWS.

If you’re looking to gain high performance managed storage service on the cloud, sign up today to try Cloud Volumes Service for AWS, Cloud Volumes Service for GCP, or Cloud Volumes for Azure.

Want to get started? Try out Cloud Volumes ONTAP today with a 30-day free trial.