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Cloud Managed Service Providers:
Four Key Considerations for Choosing Your MSP and Storage Broker

Cloud adoption today represents a significant shift for the enterprise, affecting vendors and service providers across verticals. With major cloud ser... Read More

Amazon EBS Performance Vs. Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Delivering higher levels of performance from cloud-based storage usually drives up the performance of the entire application stack, as business critic... Read More

Cloud Tiering for Heavy Industry: Cutting Costs for Major Manufacturers

As the age of industry 4.0 picks up its pace, success in big manufacturing depends on one crucial thing—the ability to collect and extract value from ... Read More

Cloud Data Storage Architects:
How You Can Support Compliance

As a storage administrator, or storage system architect, your past involvement regarding security and compliance programs was probably described as su... Read More

Get the Most out of MySQL Databases in Cloud Volumes for AWS

MySQL is the most widely adopted open source relational database. It is the primary relational data store for many popular websites, applications, and... Read More

VDI on Azure: How to Implement VDI on Azure with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

With the general availability of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on Azure just got a makeover. WVD del... Read More

Azure NetApp Files: HIPAA for SLED & FED

Big data is the future of healthcare, and the public cloud is one of healthcare's most significant enablers. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Pic... Read More

Google Cloud Storage Pricing: Get the Best Bang for Your Buckets

Google Cloud Storage is priced based on the data storage you consume, network usage and operations you perform on Google Cloud Storage objects, and sp... Read More

Azure TCO Calculator: How to Reduce Your Cloud Bill

When evaluating your usage of the Azure cloud, it’s important to consider the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO is key to understanding the real cost... Read More

Chip Design and the Azure Cloud: An Azure NetApp Files Story

Semiconductor, or chip, design firms are most interested in time to market (TTM); TTM is often predicated upon the time it takes for workloads, such a... Read More