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WORM Storage Meets the Cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP and NetApp

Not all data is equal. Some of it is so sensitive or critical that it must be kept in a completely immutable form. For that purpose, organizations can... Read More

How to Set Up the Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA Configuration in Multiple Availability Zones for Multiple VPCs

Deploying a Cloud Volumes HA configuration for AWS in multiple AWS Availability Zones (AZs) ensures high availability of your data if a failure occurs... Read More

Programming with Cloud Volumes Service APIs to Manage Performance, Protection, and Cost

One of the amazing things about the cloud is that it can be provisioned and managed entirely via software using application programming interfaces (AP... Read More

NetApp Is the Gold-Standard Cloud Storage Solution for Global Healthcare

A Fortune 500 healthcare services company that improves the cost efficiency of global healthcare approached NetApp with a cloud storage quandary: How ... Read More

E-Discovery in the Cloud

As business documentation has gradually moved from being stored in hard-copy, paper formats to a purely electronic form, the process of legal discover... Read More

Windows Applications on Google Cloud Platform: A Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud SMB Story

If you’re a Google Cloud Platform customer, you need wait no longer for SMB3.0 support: NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform is her... Read More

Automating Your Disk Backup and Data Archive Part 3: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Data Backup Solutions

In the first and second parts of this series, we looked at the various ways in which database backups are performed in hybrid cloud and fully cloud-ba... Read More

Running NFS and SMB in the Cloud: 5 Points to Consider When Migrating Your Application to the Cloud

The Fundamentals of Data Migration to the Cloud Before you begin your journey to cloud computing, consider taking a few steps to make the path a bit s... Read More

Enterprise Data Security with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

It is vitally important to ensure that enterprise data security controls are in place to safeguard high-risk data, such as personal customer data, fin... Read More

Automating Your Disk Backup and Data Archive Part 2: Azure Database Backup

Highly-available and resilient systems with disaster recovery capabilities built-in are an essential part of all well-designed enterprise application ... Read More