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Deep Learning and AI in the Cloud with NFS Storage

Though it may seem like a rapid technological development, deep learning didn’t happen overnight. Its foundations have been around since the 1940s, gr... Read More

How AI Shapes the Next Generation of Data and Compliance Part 2 of 3: Document Classification

Data is growing at a phenomenal rate, for every type of organization. With that expansion comes a renewed need to make sure that sensitive personal an... Read More

How to Tier AFF Data to Azure Blob

Managing the data lifecycle from when data is being actively used to the point where it moves to an archive state is one of the major challenges faced... Read More

Cloud Monitoring for Cloud Volumes ONTAP with NetApp Unified Manager

There are a number of different cloud monitoring tools that can be used when you deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP. One such tool is NetApp’s Active IQ Unifi... Read More

With Cloud Insights, Monitor Your Full Infrastructure Stack Without Third-Party Agents Or Collectors

Infrastructure monitoring tools are built to reduce the amount of time you need to spend troubleshooting or optimizing your environment, but much of t... Read More

AWS Lambda Integration with Cloud Volumes Service APIs

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for AWS offers a fully managed file service for workloads hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and its capabilities are ... Read More

AWS Migration Strategy: The 6 Rs in Depth

Amazon describes a "6 Rs" model adapted from Gartner's "5 Rs" model, which outlines ways to perform migration to AWS. The 6 Rs model includes: Rehost,... Read More

Storage Options in Google Cloud: Block, Network File, and Object Storage

Alongside compute and network, storage is one of the fundamental resources required in today’s technological systems and software development. Regardl... Read More

Amazon S3 as AFF Capacity Storage: Costs and Performance Analysis

Exponential data growth is one of the major challenges faced by every organization today. Capacity management of on-premises storage becomes a bottlen... Read More

Keep Cloud Costs at Bay With Queries in Cloud Insights

The cloud is a bottomless pit of resources, but you don’t have a bottomless budget. Read More