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Officeworks Adopts a Cloud-First Strategy with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Officeworks, a major Australian-based office supplies retailer, first started using the cloud a few years ago. At first, the enterprise—which currentl... Read More

Get the Most Out of Your Oracle Databases in Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Cloud adoption among enterprises is unfolding rapidly, with many adopting a cloud-first strategy for new projects and migrating their existing systems... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Enables Elite Enterprise Apps

Delivering on a Cloud-First Mandate Gartner predicts that by 2021, more than half of global enterprises that are currently using cloud will adopt an a... Read More

The Benefits of Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Managed Cloud Service Providers

As most businesses move their workloads to the cloud, cloud service providers and managed cloud service providers are under mounting pressure to meet ... Read More

What is Azure Blob?

Cloud-based object storage offers a less-expensive option in the cloud for storing large quantities of unstructured data. Compared to traditional stor... Read More

Streamline Metadata Management With Cloud Insights’ Annotations

With a boom in the usage of Internet of Things technology, a surge in Big Data, and drastic changes in IT infrastructure, it’s imperative for business... Read More

Azure Migration: The Keys to a Successful Enterprise Migration to Azure

Enterprises are by definition complex, multi-operational businesses that serve customers on a large scale. The cloud has increasingly become the most ... Read More

Cloud Volumes Service for GCP Enters Beta

The art of building enterprise-level data services is in abstracting the complexity from users. We apply this design principle daily, and we’ve used i... Read More

Getting Started with Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure: The Setup Walkthrough

Cloud Volumes ONTAP provides an industry-standard solution for meeting all your cloud storage management needs in the cloud. It enables customers to m... Read More

Is Your AFF Storage at Max Capacity?

All-Flash storage systems like NetApp’s All Flash Fabric-Attached (AFF) storage offer on-premises storage with speed and efficiency levels that are mu... Read More