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Fault Tolerance and High Availability in Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service provides persistent storage to build reliable, fault-tolerant and highly available systems in the cloud. These qualities ... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Enables an Elite Class of Enterprise Azure Applications: Part One

Azure NetApp Files is moving beyond merely providing storage; it's now enabling a new, elite class of Azure applications that are superior in ability ... Read More

Don’t Let Cloud Costs Mystify You: Part 1

It’s hard to remember what the IT world was like before the cloud. With its on-demand, pay-as-you-go service model, the cloud started by shaking up th... Read More

Cloud File Sharing Services: Google Cloud Filestore

No matter which cloud you’re operating in, your file service needs to account for a large number of factors, as you can tell just by scrolling through... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Eliminates Cloud Vendor Lock-In for Government

“As a long-time Microsoft partner and as part of a cloud advisory group for Azure File Shares, I’ve been talking to Azure senior engineers for some ti... Read More

Azure SMB: Accessing File Shares in the Cloud

Organizations have traditionally relied on the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol for use cases such as file share access, network printing, interpro... Read More

Reap the Benefits of Cloud Tiering

Not all data is created equal. In the IT world we typically differentiate between hot and cold data, where hot data is accessed frequently and require... Read More

Monitoring the Costs of Underutilized EBS Volumes

With the expansion of cloud technology, everyone seems to want to move their workloads to the cloud. And why wouldn’t they? The cloud is flexible, qui... Read More

Cloud File Sharing: Backup and Archiving

Backup and archiving are similar processes that are both essential to cloud file sharing at the enterprise level. Corruption, security breaches, or hu... Read More

Cloud File Sharing: Cloud Scalability and Agility

Change is the only constant in the IT world. When it comes to cloud file sharing, changing usage rates can put enormous demands on the system. Scalabi... Read More