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Azure NAS: Why and How to Use NAS Storage in Azure

Cloud-based Network Attached Storage (NAS) helps you address storage needs in the cloud using the same constructs as an on-premises NAS system. This t... Read More

Deploy NFS and SMB Cloud Volumes Using a GUI or API

Imagine a cloud infrastructure that’s ready to support your needs as soon as you deploy your file-level applications. At the click of a button, your s... Read More

Azure NetApp Files + Shared Services Model: A Conduit for Transformation

The shared services model has been around in IT for several years. The model itself creates an outstanding opportunity for organizations to increase t... Read More

Geospatial Information Systems and the Cloud

Spatial Big Data (SBD) is at the core of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that use location-indexed geographic data to solve problems in many ... Read More

Watch: Setting Up a Disaster Recovery Copy with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

In the face of a cyberattack, a natural disaster, or even just run-of-the-mill maintenance, it’s essential to be able to quickly restore data, applica... Read More

How to Integrate Your DevOps Tools with Cloud Volumes Service

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is an enterprise-ready storage solution that helps cloud customers achieve on-premises storage service performan... Read More

Enterprise File Sharing: How to Set Up Multi-Platform Access with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Organizations rely on enterprise file sharing tools to provide access for critical files from multiple devices and platforms. An enterprise organizati... Read More

SAP HANA on Azure NetApp Files: Cloud & AI in Retail & Transportation

“The goal should be for man and machine to complement each other in the workplace, with machines supporting human work.” —Luka Mucic, SAP Chief Financ... Read More

AWS EBS: A Complete Guide and Five Cool Functions You Should Start Using

To sucessfully meet the challenge of storing data in the cloud using AWS, IT professionals need to familiarize themselves with the management of Amazo... Read More

Snapshots Deep Dive: AWS Snapshots and Azure Snapshots

As public cloud adoption increases year after year and enterprises continue to migrate production data to the cloud, it’s important for stakeholders t... Read More