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Cloud File Sharing: Cloud Scalability and Agility

Change is the only constant in the IT world. When it comes to cloud file sharing, changing usage rates can put enormous demands on the system. Scalabi... Read More

Using Amazon EKS with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed Kubernetes service from AWS that deploys and manages the Kubernetes control plane, while enabling... Read More

Cloud Insights or Native Tooling? How to Best Monitor Your Full Stack

There was once a time when a service was delivered to an end-user with only a few components. You probably had some storage that was somehow attached ... Read More

A CEO Speaks: Why Azure NetApp Files Delivers Better Cloud Transformation

"There are so many considerations when enterprises migrate to the cloud. Azure NetApp Files takes care of secure file migration, infrastructure archit... Read More

A Tour of NetApp Cloud Insights

So you’ve already completed your cloud migration, and you’ve been up-and-running on the cloud for a few months. Now, you want to make sure that you’re... Read More

SREs: You, Too, Can Be Cloud Pioneers With CVS for Google Cloud

“Eureka!” Luke exclaimed with a sigh of relief. As an SRE with a system engineering background, Luke had spent months on end trying to rehost and oper... Read More

Talking About FlexCache on the Tech ONTAP Podcast

This week I was invited to join the Tech ONTAP Podcast to talk about a brand-new feature for Cloud Volumes ONTAP: FlexCache®. Read More

Cloud Volumes ONTAP Is Now on Google Cloud

We’re proud to announce that Cloud Volumes ONTAP, the premiere cloud data management solution from NetApp, is now available on Google Cloud. Read More

NetApp Cloud Insights - All new?

Last year, we proudly announced the general availability of NetApp Cloud Insights. Today, we are continuing that journey to provide the ultimate monit... Read More

Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud – bringing high-performance file storage as a service to you

Analysts at Gartner estimate that upward of 80% of enterprise data today is unstructured stored in files.  Even native cloud applications often use fi... Read More