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Infrastructure as Code on AWS: 5 Tips to Get You Started

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is gaining popularity as a strategy for improving the consistency, resilience and reusability of IT services. Infrastruct... Read More

AWS Kubernetes Cluster: Quick Setup with EC2 and EKS

Amazon Web Services provides several convenient options for setting up Kubernetes clusters. In this post we’ll explain how clusters work and provide q... Read More

Amp Up End-User Experience in Windows Virtual Desktop With Azure NetApp Files

For more than a decade, desktop virtualization has been a hot topic throughout the virtualization industry. Organizations view desktop virtualization ... Read More

How Data Protection Regulations Impact Enterprise Storage Management

The value of personal data is soaring. Companies routinely buy and sell it. It gives online marketers deep insights into our spending behavior, helpin... Read More

Google Cloud Costs: Understanding and Managing Your GCP Bill

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the three major public clouds (see our detailed comparison of AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud). Google has emph... Read More

Refactor Monoliths Into Microservices in Cloud

In the first article in this three-part series about microservices, we compared monolithic and microservices-based architectures. In this post, we’ll ... Read More

Save Time and Headaches with Infrastructure as Code on Azure

Microsoft Azure provides advanced tooling that help you define and deploy Infrastructure as Code (IaC). You can use Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templ... Read More

IT Central Station Report on Enterprise Cloud Best Practices Highlights Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Enterprises often turn to cloud storage solutions to gain advanced storage management capabilities. However, even after subscribing to an enterprise-g... Read More

Google Cloud Storage Encryption: Key Management in Google Cloud

Google Cloud Storage encryption is not just one size fits all. Different encryption options will benefit some users more than others. Read More

Azure Keeps Banking Customer Data Secure

We’ve all been there: reading that email that’s notifying you of suspicious activity on your credit card. Your heart drops. You cancel your card, but ... Read More