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NIST Data Privacy Framework: A Quick and Easy Introduction to the NIST Framework

At the beginning of 2020, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a set of guidelines that will help enterprises adapt to ... Read More

Azure StorSimple EOL: Using Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Hybrid Cloud Management

This blog was updated on March 16, 2020. Read More

Cloud Tiering for Educational Institutions

Technology has completely reshaped consumer expectations in the last few decades, creating a world where services of every kind are expected to be ava... Read More

DPIA: Meaning, Approaches, and Best Practices for Your Data Protection Impact Analysis

In today’s world of privacy regulation, it’s important to understand the mechanics of compliance rules. For privacy regulation in particular, these ru... Read More

Google Cloud Snapshots: How to Use Schedules to Back Up Persistent Disks

Anyone who’s ever worked with virtual machines (or cloud instances) understands the importance of safekeeping the information of persistent storage an... Read More

Cloud Volumes Service Metered Billing: Control Your Cloud Storage Bill

One of the cloud’s greatest advantages is its flexibility: cloud storage allows you to continuously right-size the infrastructure to fit your needs. Y... Read More

Programming with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service APIs To Optimize AWS Experience

[Note: This blog has been updated to reflect the newest information.] One of the most amazing things about the cloud is that cloud storage can be prov... Read More

Cloud Migration Approach: Rehost, Refactor or Replatform?

There are several mature, tested approaches to migrating workloads to the cloud. We’ll follow the five approaches in Gartner’s “5 Rs” cloud migration ... Read More

Here to Serve Australia with a New Cloud Volumes Region in Sydney

Customers are quickly consuming Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud file services, following the general availability announcement in November 2019... Read More

Cloud Computing in the Media and Entertainment Industry: Customer Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Welcome to our series of blog posts that explore how Cloud Volumes helps various verticals meet their sector-specific challenges and reap all the bene... Read More