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Your Personal Amazon S3 Cheat Sheet

For many organizations and startups, Amazon S3 is their first step into the world of cloud adoption. That’s why it’s considered an important service t... Read More

Creating Data Redundant Sites with AWS and Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it easier than ever to deploy workloads in the cloud, but having your workload on AWS doesn’t mean that you can stop w... Read More

Solving Cloud Lift & Shift and Speeding Up Apps with New Service for AWS

How is your cloud journey going so far? I often hear from customers that they struggle with two major challenges – lift & shift of enterprise applicat... Read More

How Data Deduplication Can Save Cloud Storage Costs?

Planning is key when it comes to cost reduction in the cloud. Read More

Cloud Availability Nightmares and How to Avoid Them in Cloud File Sharing

Those of you who’ve managed clustered file systems in a data center have probably never had to worry about maintaining a single source of truth (SSOT)... Read More

How To Reduce Costs for Secondary DR Copies — ONTAP Cloud's Solution!

Companies that rely on NetApp storage systems to run their enterprise applications know that ONTAP helps keep them in business with secure, easy-to-us... Read More

Data Analytics for Enterprise Businesses with Amazon Athena

Do you still rely on a central team to run analytical jobs on your data, or have you discovered the new self-service form of data analytics for enterp... Read More

Hosting SQL in Azure: Use Cases and Migration Methods

Azure provides two options for hosting SQL in Azure: Azure SQL Database (a PaaS) and SQL Server on Azure VMs (an IaaS). In either case, to host SQL in... Read More

The 5 Enterprise-Grade Azure Features You Need to Know About: Azure Backup, Security, and More

When companies decide to migrate their applications or infrastructure to the cloud, it creates a total paradigm shift from the traditional on-premises... Read More

Cloning Amazon EBS Volumes: A Solution to the AWS EBS Cloning Problem

The world is changing. Digitalization is creeping into every aspect of our lives. Computers are everywhere. Just look at all the things our blog has t... Read More