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Which Cloud Tiering Policy Is Right for Your Business?

NetApp’s new Cloud Tiering service, using ONTAP’s powerful FabricPool technology, provides a quick path to adopting a cloud strategy by allowing data ... Read More

Azure Migration Strategy: Four Steps to the Cloud

Azure provides a powerful cloud platform that is highly suitable for large enterprise IT environments with stringent compliance and data protection re... Read More

Windows Apps in the Cloud Giving You a Headache? Here’s the Cure

Migrating or deploying windows applications in cloud can be a nightmare. If you don’t map your existing services to the right resources in the cloud, ... Read More

Avoid Traffic Jams in Your Cloud Data with Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Like commuters trying to get home on a busy Friday evening, it can sometimes take longer than hoped for data to travel between Amazon EC2 instances an... Read More

11-Step Azure Migration Checklist

Cloud migration is a project that can incur high cost and risk but can also prove to be highly advantageous. In this article, we’ll see how Microsoft ... Read More

Meet Cloud Sync, the Muscle Behind Cloud Migration

Jessica couldn’t believe it. She’d gone out for a long walk, even grabbed a long lunch, because her modeling application had been loading outrageously... Read More

5 Steps to the Cloud: AWS Migration Checklist

Today, more businesses are migrating to AWS, attracted by features and benefits such as low cost, scalability, agility, and high availability and disa... Read More

AFF Vs. Azure Blob: Cost and Performance

To meet the challenges of exponential data growth, cloud storage is considered a cheaper alternative to on-premises storage boxes by many organization... Read More

Capital One’s Security Breach and What It Means for the Cloud

The business world always takes security breaches seriously, so when the news broke that Capital One had been breached, exposing personal data of over... Read More

Streamlining MySQL Deployment Using Cloud Volumes Service

MySQL is one of the most popular open-source database platforms used by cloud-native application developers. While major cloud service providers offer... Read More