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AWS Storage Gateway: Connecting Your On-Premise Storage to the Amazon Cloud

Organizations that wish to combine their on-premise storage systems with cloud services must ensure that their storage is compatible with the cloud en... Read More

Avoid File Share Availability Nightmares: How Cloud Volumes Service for AWS Ensures Uptime

It’s the nightmare no business relying on shared file storage wants to go through: during peak usage time, screens start going dark for users all over... Read More

How to Secure S3 Objects with Amazon S3 Encryption

Data is at the core of business today, and data encryption offers a solid way to make sure that data stays secure. As one of the most popular storage ... Read More

Feeling Data Rich, but Info Poor? Solve IT Troubles With NetApp Experts.

In this edition of Inside Your Data Fabric, I met with a key member of NetApp’s professional services consulting team, Spencer Hamons. Hamons, an exec... Read More

AWS Migration: Understanding the Process and Solving 5 Key Challenges

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides over 100 cloud computing services that allow you to set up dynamic, scalable, automated computing environments. Whe... Read More

Infrastructure as Code Deployment of Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Cloud Manager Using Terraform and Ansible

Enabling automation through an infrastructure-as-code approach is of great importance to organizations adopting DevOps practices. Environment provisio... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Opens the Door to More Solutions with New Capabilities in Azure

On May 28, Microsoft and NetApp® announced the general availability of Azure NetApp Files. On that date, Microsoft released Azure NetApp Files, a powe... Read More

Retail Success Stories with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

The retail industry has changed profoundly over the past decade. Retailers are no longer measured merely by the merchandise they sell, but also by how... Read More

Cutting-Edge Storage for Container Technology: Container Data Storage in CVS for AWS

The popularity of containerized technology has been surging recently, and with it, the need for reliable persistent storage solutions. Stateful worklo... Read More

How to Prepare for CCPA Compliance: A Practical Guide for Data Controllers

On January 1, 2020, a new data privacy law comes into force that will affect organizations that collect and use personal data about citizens of Califo... Read More