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Monolithic vs. Microservices: A Pragmatic Comparison

How do you move from monoliths to microservices—and how do you justify the migration? When do you know you should really make the shift? As you may su... Read More

Kubernetes Shared Storage: The Basics and a Quick Tutorial

Kubernetes offers a storage architecture that is quite complex, but very powerful. It lets you define generic storage units called “volumes” and use t... Read More

Azure File Share and Sync: Collaborating Through the Cloud

The Azure File Service lets you access files in the Azure cloud just like you do on-premises, using the standard SMB protocol. This lets you build fil... Read More

Database Performance and Storage Savings: A Cloud Tiering Service Use Case

Relational databases are at the heart of many line of business applications and their optimal usage. That’s why their storage and performance needs re... Read More

AWS ECS vs Kubernetes: An Unfair Comparison?

AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) is Amazon’s home-grown container orchestration platform. It excels in ease of use, but is it a real alternative fo... Read More

Kubernetes Persistent Storage: Why, Where and How

Kubernetes Persistent Storage offers Kubernetes applications a convenient way to request, and consume, storage resources. A Volume is a basic building... Read More

How to Automate Storage Provisioning in Azure Deployment

Cloud deployments at scale demand streamlined processes and automation tools in place for quick provisioning and ongoing management of resources. For ... Read More

Why Should You Migrate Databases to Azure?

In adopting a cloud-first strategy, one of the first items on the list is: How do I get there? Application migration to Azure is a top priority for or... Read More

Do You Really Have to Deal with Data Security?

As a Site Reliability Engineer or IT Operations Manager, you might think the answer is NO, it’s not my job to deal with data security. But if you igno... Read More

Government IT Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

According to Gartner’s findings in “Understanding Cloud Adoption in Government,” organizations around the globe and across all verticals spend, on ave... Read More