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The Cloud Storage Certifications You Need for a Successful Career

One of the subjects IT professionals have been debating for years is of cloud storage certifications. Is it worth investing your time and money in get... Read More

Top 2 Strategies for AWS S3 Data Replication

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is one of the most popular services on AWS: A highly scalable, inexpensive, fast, reliable storage infrastru... Read More

Abstraction — NetApp’s Fundamental Art

When NetApp decided to create the Data Fabric concept, and to align all its production capabilities behind that idea, a quite subtle change happened i... Read More

The Largest Block Storage Volumes the Public Cloud Has to Offer: AWS EBS, Azure Disks, and More

With the ever-growing amount of data that companies generate today, you can never have enough storage space. When the time comes to add new disks, not... Read More

Deploying a Virtual Storage Appliance in Azure

According to Gartner, a hybrid storage appliance is: “A physical or virtual storage caching system that destages local or on-site data storage to the ... Read More

Data Streaming for Analytics in a Hybrid Cloud Using Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a widely-spread scalable storage service that allows vendors to store data blocks structured in buckets i... Read More

One-Click SAP System Migration to the Cloud

Have you ever dreamed of quickly moving your dev/test SAP HANA system into the cloud? Fully automated with a one-click workflow? Without the hassle of... Read More

Optimizing Cloud Storage Costs with Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud)

With so many storage formats available today tailored to so many different use cases it can be difficult to tell which one is the best for your deploy... Read More

Avoiding Data Leaking: Syncing, Securing and Monitoring Amazon S3 Buckets

Posted by Gali Kovacs Topics: Cloud Sync, AWS, 6 minute read

The security of sensitive data both at rest and in transit is critical. Recently there have been far too many occurrences where data within Amazon S3 ... Read More

Storage Tiering between AWS EBS and Amazon S3 with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployments in AWS make use of AWS EBS volumes as the underlying cloud storage layer for delivery of its enterprise-class data man... Read More