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3 Efficient Ways to Cut AWS Traffic Costs

For most IT managers today, bringing costs down is a bigger concern than tech problems. Cost efficiency is a big motivating factor for companies that ... Read More

Lowering Costs in the Cloud: Four DR Success Stories

NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP is specially designed to create a single organizational Data Fabric for seamless management of business-critical data acr... Read More

Lowering Disaster Recovery Costs by Tiering AWS EBS Data to Amazon S3

It’s the nightmare scenario of any IT department: Millions of customers around the world have no access to your site being hosted on a cloud service l... Read More

Lowering Costs on Disaster Recovery Plans for Enterprise Applications

A big appeal of the cloud is its safety. For companies with enterprise applications, the cloud offers a way to store data and run applications somewhe... Read More

Data Corruption Recovery and Data Security for Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications need to be able to adapt to circumstances that can threaten their data. What is your enterprise application’s capability to re... Read More

Enterprise Applications in the Cloud: Meeting the Challenges of High Availability and Continuous Operation

Moving your enterprise application to the cloud may seem like the one fix that will solve all of your existing deployment issues, but that would be ov... Read More

AWS Quick Starts for Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud): Reducing Cost and Complexity for SQL Database Applications

AWS Quick Starts eliminate the manual effort required to deploy new stacks in AWS, stacks you might use for proof of concept efforts, or quickly deplo... Read More

Weaving the Fabric with Strong Threads

By now most readers and customers of NetApp have heard about the Data Fabric – NetApp’s vision of data interconnectedness and portability in the Hybri... Read More

Conquering Cloud Collaboration Obstacles within a Distributed Enterprise

The huge volumes of data that businesses can produce are growing at a phenomenal rate. This data can be a business's greatest asset but it can also be... Read More

5 Hidden Cloud Costs and How You Can Avoid Them

Enterprises opt for cloud-based solutions due to the cloud’s potential for reduced costs and enhanced agility. Read More