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NetApp Cloud Assessment: Find Unused Resources and Data Protection Holes

In this post we’d like to introduce you to the Cloud Assessment tool, a new feature on the NetApp Cloud Central web portal that helps in identifying u... Read More

Azure and AWS Snapshots Deep Dive: Cloud Volumes Snapshots

NetApp Snapshots™ allow for rapid, point-in-time copies to be made of a storage volume. Unlike AWS snapshots, the process is optimized so that it does... Read More

AdvancedMD: Moving to the Cloud with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

The medical industry has always had to contend with patient data, a requirement that has only become more complex with growing amounts of data, a vari... Read More

Ongoing Cloud Migration Strategy with NetApp Cloud Volumes

The keys to a successful cloud migration strategy are ensuring that the applications dependent on that data face minimal disruption and the migration ... Read More

Overcome Amazon RDS Size Limits with Data Tiering to Amazon S3

When setting up an enterprise-grade database, there are multiple challenges to deal with, including the system’s performance, agility, security and co... Read More

ONTAP Cloud is Now Cloud Volumes ONTAP

With the launch of NetApp’s new Cloud Volumes there are some changes coming. What does this mean, both for customers who are currently using the cloud... Read More

Crash-Consistent Backup for Applications in the AWS Cloud

As Murphy’s law states, “If something can go wrong, it will, and usually at the worst time.”  This rule applies to everything, including IT operations... Read More

Seamless Disaster Recovery Failover with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Do you have a plan for how to keep your business running as usual in case of a disaster strike? If not, it’s high time you had one. Read More

NetApp SnapMirror Data Replication with AWS

NetApp SnapMirror® has been used for many years to achieve reliable and efficient data replication between on-premises storage appliances. With the ad... Read More

Lower Cloud Data Storage Costs with Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud) Storage Efficiencies

Enterprises are no longer asking themselves whether the public cloud has a role in their IT infrastructure—the jury is in on that one. Read More