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Three Factors for Managing Your Data in the Hybrid Cloud

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AltaVault Named a Cloud Computing Storage Excellence Award Winner

Posted by Rachel Dines Topics: 3 minute read

Cloud adoption has come a long way since it started catching on around 2007. In that “first wave” of adoption, as IDC calls it, cloud was tied to IT m... Read More

King County Wins AWS City on a Cloud Challenge Award with NetApp AltaVault

Posted by Rachel Dines Topics: AWS, 2 minute read

We are pleased to share that King County has won the Amazon Web Services City on a Cloud Challenge, in the Best Practices Award Category, through its ... Read More

Recover Your Data in the Cloud with AltaVault and Microsoft Azure

Posted by Rachel Dines Topics: 2 minute read

How often do you think about the recoverability of your data? Well if you specialize in data protection, backup, or disaster recovery, there’s a good ... Read More

AltaVault One Year Later: Transforming Data Protection in the Cloud

Posted by Rachel Dines Topics: 2 minute read

  This time last year NetApp announced the acquisition of the SteelStore product line from Riverbed. One whirlwind year later, the product line has ex... Read More

Docker for Windows

Posted by Gerald Coon Topics: 3 minute read

So I'm using docker for a project I'm working on and one problem I solved very easily I thought I'd share. I know some stuff that I have experience wi... Read More

Dockercon 2015 San Francisco

Posted by Gerald Coon Topics: 4 minute read

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OnCommand Cloud Manager drag and drop Hybrid Cloud

So last week I was on a call with a customer. This customer had been with NetApp for a long time (I found E-mail I had with him back to 2007.). You co... Read More

The Lab is Growing: Sydney now Live!

Posted by Jeremy Goodrum Topics: 1 minute read

This week, we finalized yet another lab environment. I am very happy to announce that we are now officially in South East Asia and representing NetApp... Read More

Cloud is not a nightmare for datacenter administrators… it is a new way to evolve our operations

Over the past several weeks, I have had several interesting conversations about the trend of going All in with Cloud. My thoughts are drawn back to a ... Read More