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Azure File Storage: Cloud File Sharing Over SMB

Azure Files offers a fully managed cloud share service providing access over SMB. As part of our cluster on cloud file sharing services, this blog wil... Read More

Become a Cloud Hero at Your Organization with Cloud Volumes Service

“Help!” Read More

Azure Backup: 5 Things to Think About Before You Backup on Azure

Many cloud vendors offer some kind of backup service as it is a simple but important use case for every business. Read More

Azure Backup: SQL Databases and How To Back Them Up

These days, databases are far more stable and reliable than they used to be, but there's still a possibility that you can lose data due to a bug in th... Read More

AWS Disaster Recovery: A Primer

Disaster recovery (DR) is how companies react and recover to damaging incidents that can take entire operations offline. A disaster can be anything th... Read More

File Share Service Challenges in the Cloud

Important workloads such as media libraries and home directories rely on shared file access. But configuring an enterprise-level file share can be hig... Read More

Data Orchestration In A Cloudy World

Posted by Justin Warren

Once upon a time, there was the enterprise data warehouse. The idea seemed to make sense: put all the data you want to analyze in one place, and then ... Read More

The Tech ONTAP Podcast Talks Cloud Volumes ONTAP

I recently got a chance to sit down with NetApp Cloud Solution architect Akash Gupta and Justin Parisi of the Tech ONTAP Podcast to talk about Cloud V... Read More

Instant Cloud Database Backup & Restore with SnapCenter

The primary duty of every database administrator is to ensure the availability and durability of an organization’s databases. Database backups have fo... Read More

Azure Disaster Recovery: What You Need to Know

As organizations continue to move full steam ahead into the cloud, disaster recovery for applications hosted in the cloud is more important than ever.... Read More