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Azure NetApp Files Opens the Door to More Solutions with File Service Environments & New Capabilities

On May 28, Microsoft and NetApp® announced the general availability of Azure NetApp Files. On that date, Microsoft released Azure NetApp Files, a powe... Read More

Get Guaranteed SLAs for Your Windows File Shares Workloads on AWS Cloud

Move your Windows applications to AWS with multiprotocol support, eliminating the need to refactor them. Deploy SMB based file shares and maintain con... Read More

Deploy Your High Performance Compute Workloads on AWS Cloud

Are you looking to deploy HPC workloads like big data analytics in the cloud, with serious scalability, performance, and agility? Cloud agility accele... Read More

Data Orchestration In A Cloudy World

Posted by Justin Warren Topics: 1 minute read

Once upon a time, there was the enterprise data warehouse. The idea seemed to make sense: put all the data you want to analyze in one place, and then ... Read More

How to Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster in 3 Clicks

One of the biggest challenges that customers face with containers is storage. Customers are increasingly turning to Kubernetes when refactoring existi... Read More

Avoid Premature Scale UP With Oracle And Cloud Volumes Service

As evidence of the significant performance capabilities of the Cloud Volumes Service for AWS, the following graph depicts one and two CVS volumes and ... Read More

[Video Blog] Data Cloning Made Easy: Creating Clone Storage Volumes with NetApp FlexClone

In this vlog we’re going to show you how easy cloud data cloning is using NetApp FlexClone® technology. This feature of Cloud Volumes ONTAP allows you... Read More

Juicy GPUs!

Do your Kubernetes clusters need a little boost? Delivering Machine Learning and Big Data workloads? Give them some extra “oomph” by provisioning some... Read More

How to Protect Your Salesforce Data

Salesforce is the most widely used customer relationship management, but there are several challenges associated with the data protection solution pro... Read More

Solving Cloud Lift & Shift and Speeding Up Apps with New Service for AWS

How is your cloud journey going so far? I often hear from customers that they struggle with two major challenges – lift & shift of enterprise applicat... Read More