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HPC on AWS: Reference Architecture for Hosting HPC Workloads in the Cloud

High-performance computing (HPC) drives the frontiers of science, finance, engineering, education, chemistry and genomics, and a host of other compute... Read More

Recover OneNote files from OneDrive or SharePoint With NetApp SaaS Backup

The days of writing and managing notes with Microsoft Notepad are behind us. Now, users collect their notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen c... Read More

Energy Leader Repsol Sees a Surge in Performance in Azure NetApp Files

One of the largest energy companies in the world, Repsol’s work covers a wide spectrum of segments in the energy sector: exploration and production (E... Read More

How to Become a DevOps Guru

Most software-powered organizations have seen the light when it comes to DevOps. It’s not a hard sell, as DevOps culture and best practices have prove... Read More

Azure Keeps Banking Customer Data Secure

We’ve all been there: reading that email that’s notifying you of suspicious activity on your credit card. Your heart drops. You cancel your card, but ... Read More

Deploying High-Performing Stateful Apps in GKE

When it comes to cloud-native application development, we have reached a point where you can simply ask for a Kubernetes cluster, declare the state yo... Read More

How VMWare Cloud Users Access Cloud Volumes Service for AWS as a Guest OS

Keeping up the pace in a cloud-first world requires more than just watching as your workloads move to the cloud. VMware Cloud is an excellent solution... Read More

Supercharge Cloud Performance: Why Azure NetApp Files Is a Game Changer for the Energy Sector

In today’s race to create clean and efficient energy, HPC on Azure NetApp Files paves the way for companies to increase efficiency and cloud performan... Read More

AWS and NetApp Agree: Files Thrive in the Cloud

For over six years, NetApp and AWS have cultivated a partnership with the common goal of bringing workloads that require enterprise file services to A... Read More

Optimize Oracle and Oracle RAC Workloads with Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

It’s a Monday afternoon, and Darius has just begun to feel hungry again. He just has to finish the reports for his next meeting—only an hour away— and... Read More