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Amazon EBS Performance Vs. Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Delivering higher levels of performance from cloud-based storage usually drives up the performance of the entire application stack, as business critic... Read More

Enterprise Applications on Google Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Volumes Service For GCP

[Note: This blog has been refreshed to reflect updated performance figures.]  NetApp and Google Cloud are proud to bring you Cloud Volumes Service for... Read More

February Update: NFSv4.1 & SMBv3 Multichannel Now Supported on Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud!

For every $1 invested in digital transformation programs, firms must spend another $3 modernizing legacy applications, according to the Gartner report... Read More

Understanding AWS Backup Pricing

AWS Backup  is a service that helps you centrally manage backups across multiple Amazon storage services, including EFS, DynamoDB and RDS, as well as ... Read More

How Tiering Data Benefits Retailers

The retail industry is one of the most demanding verticals when it comes to storage. Maintaining customer-facing applications without downtime or data... Read More

Amp Up End-User Experience in Windows Virtual Desktop With Azure NetApp Files

For more than a decade, desktop virtualization has been a hot topic throughout the virtualization industry. Organizations view desktop virtualization ... Read More

Google Cloud Backup: Making the Most of Google’s Storage Tiers

One of the major benefits of cloud storage is the ability to provide backup at scale. For major cloud providers like Google Cloud, there is an added b... Read More

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Choosing the Best Cloud Provider for You

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform collectively dominate the cloud computing market. Whether you are developing an ini... Read More

How to: Configure Kubernetes or OpenShift to use the most performant file storage on Azure

On June 1st 2019, Microsoft announced the GA of their latest shared file service: Azure NetApp Files (ANF)– a PaaS shared file service supporting both... Read More

Approaches to Implementing On-Premises-to-Cloud Connectivity With Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Most cloud-adopting organizations use a hybrid architecture, involving both on-premises and public cloud resources. There are myriad approaches to and... Read More