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Capital One’s Security Breach and What It Means for the Cloud

The business world always takes security breaches seriously, so when the news broke that Capital One had been breached, exposing personal data of over... Read More

Everything is Cloud: Inside Your Data Fabric with CTO Jonsi Stefansson

On this edition of Inside Your Data Fabric, I had the pleasure of interviewing my long-time friend and colleague, Jonsi Stefansson, Chief Technology O... Read More

Inside Your Data Fabric: Behind the Scenes At NetApp With NKS Master Nick Howell

I meet a lot of new people through NetApp: customers at convention centers, programmers at road shows. And those relationships have given me a sense o... Read More

AWS Lambda Integration with Cloud Volumes Service APIs

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for AWS offers a fully managed file service for workloads hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and its capabilities are ... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Enables Elite Enterprise Apps

Delivering on a Cloud-First Mandate Gartner predicts that by 2021, more than half of global enterprises that are currently using cloud will adopt an a... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Enables an Elite Class of Enterprise Azure Applications: Part One

Azure NetApp Files is moving beyond merely providing storage; it's now enabling a new, elite class of Azure applications that are superior in ability ... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Eliminates Cloud Vendor Lock-In for Government

“As a long-time Microsoft partner and as part of a cloud advisory group for Azure File Shares, I’ve been talking to Azure senior engineers for some ti... Read More

Reap the Benefits of Cloud Tiering

Not all data is created equal. In the IT world we typically differentiate between hot and cold data, where hot data is accessed frequently and require... Read More

Cloud Insights or Native Tooling? How to Best Monitor Your Full Stack

There was once a time when a service was delivered to an end-user with only a few components. You probably had some storage that was somehow attached ... Read More

A Tour of NetApp Cloud Insights

So you’ve already completed your cloud migration, and you’ve been up-and-running on the cloud for a few months. Now, you want to make sure that you’re... Read More