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Azure vs Google Cloud: How They Compare

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are two of the leaders in the cloud computing market. If you are considering migrating to Google Cloud  or Azure, or ... Read More

Kubernetes Monitoring: The Power of Integrated Tools

Monitoring applications effectively is a challenge often neglected by developers and operational teams, one that takes a back seat to developing the a... Read More

AWS Storage Gateway: Connecting Your On-Premise Storage to the Amazon Cloud

Organizations that wish to combine their on-premise storage systems with cloud services must ensure that their storage is compatible with the cloud en... Read More

Avoid File Share Availability Nightmares: How Cloud Volumes Service for AWS Ensures Uptime

It’s the nightmare no business relying on shared file storage wants to go through: during peak usage time, screens start going dark for users all over... Read More

Feeling Data Rich, but Info Poor? Solve IT Troubles With NetApp Experts.

In this edition of Inside Your Data Fabric, I met with a key member of NetApp’s professional services consulting team, Spencer Hamons. Hamons, an exec... Read More

Out-of-This-World Kubernetes Performance on Azure with Azure NetApp Files

On June 1, 2019, Microsoft announced the GA of their latest shared file service: Azure NetApp Files (ANF), a PaaS shared file service that supports bo... Read More

Need to Deploy SAP on Google Cloud? Here’s How.

Some of the largest businesses run SAP applications. Increasingly, customers are running mission-critical SAP applications on Google Cloud to take adv... Read More

3 Strategies to Assess VM Usage in Hybrid IT Infrastructures

Irrespective of where you operate your virtualized environment—whether on premises or in a public cloud—you need to know how that environment performs... Read More

Azure Backup Pricing for Dummies

Microsoft provides the Azure Backup service, which backs up data to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure backup supports Azure virtual machines (VMs) and ... Read More

Azure Availability Zones: An In-Depth Look

Many organizations rely on large cloud providers like Azure, which offer flexible and resilient infrastructure that is suitable for enterprise workloa... Read More