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Putting Windows Workload Performance on CVS to the Test

Out of all the critical aspects of cloud-based file services—security, compliance, access control, flexibility, availability—high performance may be t... Read More

Takeaways from the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Cloud IaaS 2019

So here’s a statistic that puzzled us when we read Gartner’s most recent (July 2019) Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service. Despite not... Read More

Windows Apps in the Cloud Giving You a Headache? Here’s the Cure

Migrating or deploying windows applications in cloud can be a nightmare. If you don’t map your existing services to the right resources in the cloud, ... Read More

How Well Do You Really Know Your Cloud?

The flexibility and frictionless ease with which public cloud resources and platforms can be provisioned and accessed are great enablers. The teams th... Read More

On-Prem Plus AWS?:
Using Amazon S3 in a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

When virtualization first started stepping into the data center, IT teams got a chance to leverage many benefits such as applications that were indepe... Read More

Deep Learning and AI in the Cloud with NFS Storage

Though it may seem like a rapid technological development, deep learning didn’t happen overnight. Its foundations have been around since the 1940s, gr... Read More

How AI Shapes the Next Generation of Data and Compliance Part 2 of 3: Document Classification

Data is growing at a phenomenal rate, for every type of organization. With that expansion comes a renewed need to make sure that sensitive personal an... Read More

Amazon S3 as AFF Capacity Storage: Costs and Performance Analysis

Exponential data growth is one of the major challenges faced by every organization today. Capacity management of on-premises storage becomes a bottlen... Read More

Streamline Metadata Management With Cloud Insights’ Annotations

With a boom in the usage of Internet of Things technology, a surge in Big Data, and drastic changes in IT infrastructure, it’s imperative for business... Read More

Getting Started with Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure: The Setup Walkthrough

Cloud Volumes ONTAP provides an industry-standard solution for meeting all your cloud storage management needs in the cloud. It enables customers to m... Read More