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Kubernetes Persistent Storage: Why, Where and How

Kubernetes Persistent Storage offers Kubernetes applications a convenient way to request, and consume, storage resources. A Volume is a basic building... Read More

Why Should You Migrate Databases to Azure?

In adopting a cloud-first strategy, one of the first items on the list is: How do I get there? Application migration to Azure is a top priority for or... Read More

Fast Track Your SAP Deployments in Azure with ANF

Increasingly, organizations are beginning to deploy SAP applications in Azure due to the platform’s numerous advantages for SAP requirements, includin... Read More

Getting Started With Cloud Insights

As cloud adoption matures across organizations of all sizes, IT teams face a new challenge: how to monitor and optimize resource usage across a multit... Read More

How to Test and Monitor AWS S3 Performance

For anyone using Amazon Web Services, the Amazon S3 service should be familiar. After all, it was the first commercial service available in AWS. This ... Read More

Google Cloud Migration: Why and How to Make the Move

Google is one of the giants of the Internet today, and while it is still in third place when it comes to cloud hosting services, Google Cloud offers n... Read More

Storage QoS in NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Your enterprise depends on its high-functioning applications running at peak performance. Delivering that level of service consistently can be a chall... Read More

Overcome Windows File Share Challenges in the Cloud

As on-premises infrastructures age, becoming increasingly prone to failure and susceptible to security threats, enterprises are seeking out the cloud ... Read More

Using Azure Backup Server to Backup Workloads and Files to Azure

The Azure Backup Service offers multiple options for backing up on-premises and cloud-based workloads to Azure storage. Azure Backup Server is the mos... Read More

Forecasting Future Data Growth: How to Order Your Next Storage Shelf Before, Not After You Need It

In mostly anything that involves managing a team, a project, or a business unit, it’s very important to administer resources efficiently in order to a... Read More