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How to Add and Manage Lifecycle Rules in Google Cloud Storage Buckets

When it comes to cloud storage, knowing how to properly leverage and configure the different services you use can make a huge difference, both in your... Read More

Is DevOps Necessary to Run in the Cloud?

In a previous article, I reviewed some considerations for teams and organizations that want to get started with a DevOps methodology. But is DevOps re... Read More

Ready to Solve Your Enterprise Linux File Requirements in Azure?

Both the migration and deployment of applications in the cloud require careful planning, evaluation, and service mapping—all while keeping in mind per... Read More

Cutting-Edge Storage for Container Technology: Container Data Storage in CVS for AWS

The popularity of containerized technology has been surging recently, and with it, the need for reliable persistent storage solutions. Stateful worklo... Read More

Myth Busting: Cloud vs. On Premises - Which is Faster?

Even though  the cloud storage market has continued to grow into a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s expected to reach $207.05 billion by 2026, mis... Read More

How One Company Uses Cloud Volumes Service to Run Its RAC Workloads

Companies need the Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) database to ensure that their services are highly available at all times. But using Oracle R... Read More

How Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Is Shaping Global Healthcare

Cloud computing is shaping healthcare by supporting the logistics and database applications that enable lifesaving technologies to reach the shelf soo... Read More

Build Your Own Azure NFS? Wrestling Linux File Shares into Cloud

In today’s IT climate, all roads lead to the cloud. The real question is no longer if enterprises will move to the cloud; instead, enterprises are ask... Read More

Data Lifecycle Management with AFF Storage Systems

When NetApp first introduced the NetApp AFF A-Series systems, they offered various advantages that users couldn’t find anywhere else. The main advanta... Read More

The Real Baseline Performance Story: NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

How can you get up to 4,500MiB/s of sequential reads or 470,000 random read IOPS with a single cloud volume? And up to 1,700MiB/s of sequential reads ... Read More