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How AI Shapes the Next Generation of Data and Compliance Part 3 of 3: It's All about Context

Data is changing. Companies no longer generate data as an output of their activities, but in many cases, managing the data is now a major business con... Read More

11-Step Azure Migration Checklist

Cloud migration is a project that can incur high cost and risk but can also prove to be highly advantageous. In this article, we’ll see how Microsoft ... Read More

AFF Vs. Azure Blob: Cost and Performance

To meet the challenges of exponential data growth, cloud storage is considered a cheaper alternative to on-premises storage boxes by many organization... Read More

Streamlining MySQL Deployment Using Cloud Volumes Service

MySQL is one of the most popular open-source database platforms used by cloud-native application developers. While major cloud service providers offer... Read More

Looking for a Latency Reduction in AWS? Reduce Cloud Latency with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Latency is defined as the time taken for a data transaction request to complete a round trip between the sender and the receiver. The shorter the time... Read More

NetApp Kubernetes Service:
Cloud-Agnostic Container Orchestration

We’re in the midst of a major shift away from monolithic data centers. As enterprises take on microservices in the cloud, the ease of creating and dep... Read More

How to Tier AFF Data to Azure Blob

Managing the data lifecycle from when data is being actively used to the point where it moves to an archive state is one of the major challenges faced... Read More

Keep Cloud Costs at Bay With Queries in Cloud Insights

The cloud is a bottomless pit of resources, but you don’t have a bottomless budget. Read More

What is Azure Blob?

Cloud-based object storage offers a less-expensive option in the cloud for storing large quantities of unstructured data. Compared to traditional stor... Read More

Azure SMB: Accessing File Shares in the Cloud

Organizations have traditionally relied on the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol for use cases such as file share access, network printing, interpro... Read More