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Azure Hybrid Cloud:
Azure in Your Local Data Center

The Azure cloud provides extensive hybrid cloud management  functionality, which extends to your on-premise data center. These include migration tools... Read More

Cloud Data Storage Architects:
How You Can Support Compliance

As a storage administrator, or storage system architect, your past involvement regarding security and compliance programs was probably described as su... Read More

Cloud Volumes Service Metered Billing: Control Your Cloud Storage Bill

One of the cloud’s greatest advantages is its flexibility: cloud storage allows you to continuously right-size the infrastructure to fit your needs. Y... Read More

Programming with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service APIs To Optimize AWS Experience

[Note: This blog has been updated to reflect the newest information.] One of the most amazing things about the cloud is that cloud storage can be prov... Read More

5 Ways Cloud Teams Can Ensure Successful SAP Migration and Management

Organizations are increasingly looking to Azure for their SAP migration in order to  benefit from the unparalleled scalability, compute SKUs customize... Read More

Multicloud Deployment: Creating a Plan with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

A multicloud deployment needs to address the unique and often interdependent needs of three key layers: infrastructure, operations, and applications. ... Read More

SAP Uses in the Cloud: Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Businesses worldwide utilize SAP systems to streamline their business workflows, and with the new prominence of the cloud, many SAP users are migratin... Read More

So You’re Collecting All the Performance Metrics: Now What?

Last week I posted an article on LinkedIn that detailed how to roll out Cloud Insights collectors to hundreds of servers and applications, quickly and... Read More

AWS Cloud Migration Services: Don’t Migrate Alone

Amazon Web Services has made huge investments in making it easier to move workloads to its public cloud. As part of this effort, Amazon offers a range... Read More

Architecting GDPR- and HIPAA-Compliant Storage with AFFs and Cloud Tiering

Regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the US and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) a... Read More