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Google Cloud Persistent Disk: How to Create a Virtual Image with Google Cloud Compute Engine

To truly benefit from the public cloud, it’s important to leverage the managed services and continuously explore the different features they provide. ... Read More

Why Is Monitoring Modern IT Infrastructures So Hard? Part 1

Today’s IT is moving fast. We don’t have time to coddle our servers by tending to them in the time-consuming way that we used to or dig out a dozen fl... Read More

The Ultimate Azure File Storage Cost and Performance Optimization Checklist

From agility to faster time to market and reduced operational costs, the cloud has copious benefits for large-scale deployments and application migrat... Read More

Google Cloud Snapshot: Data Backup and Restoration

Snapshots are a key data protection and data availability feature of many cloud computing platforms, including Google Cloud. Snapshots are a central p... Read More

What is Cloud Volumes Service for On Premises?

xThe public cloud is defining the expectations for all IT. And the benefits of the cloud are compelling. Through agile, self-service delivery, costs b... Read More

Infrastructure as Code on AWS: 5 Tips to Get You Started

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is gaining popularity as a strategy for improving the consistency, resilience and reusability of IT services. Infrastruct... Read More

How to Automate Storage Provisioning in Azure Deployment

Cloud deployments at scale demand streamlined processes and automation tools in place for quick provisioning and ongoing management of resources. For ... Read More

Government IT Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

According to Gartner’s findings in “Understanding Cloud Adoption in Government,” organizations around the globe and across all verticals spend, on ave... Read More

Google Cloud Storage: A New Option for Cloud Tiering Service

Object storage offers the best price and reliability for storing virtually unlimited amounts of unstructured data in the cloud. It does so without the... Read More

The Top 5 re:Invent Sessions for DevOps Professionals

Calling all DevOps engineers! Get ready for the 2019 AWS re:Invent to rock your DevOps world! Re:Invent, Amazon's premier global customer and partner ... Read More