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Data Analytics for Enterprise Businesses with Amazon Athena

Do you still rely on a central team to run analytical jobs on your data, or have you discovered the new self-service form of data analytics for enterp... Read More

The Cloud Storage Certifications You Need for a Successful Career

One of the subjects IT professionals have been debating for years is of cloud storage certifications. Is it worth investing your time and money in get... Read More

Top 2 Strategies for AWS S3 Data Replication

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is one of the most popular services on AWS: A highly scalable, inexpensive, fast, reliable storage infrastru... Read More

The Largest Block Storage Volumes the Public Cloud Has to Offer: AWS EBS, Azure Disks, and More

With the ever-growing amount of data that companies generate today, you can never have enough storage space. When the time comes to add new disks, not... Read More

Deploying a Virtual Storage Appliance in Azure

According to Gartner, a hybrid storage appliance is: “A physical or virtual storage caching system that destages local or on-site data storage to the ... Read More

5 Hidden Cloud Costs and How You Can Avoid Them

Enterprises opt for cloud-based solutions due to the cloud’s potential for reduced costs and enhanced agility. Read More

Understanding AWS Storage Costs for Ultimate Management

It was the management guru Peter Drucker who first coined the phrase, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Read More

This History of Enterprise Storage: DAS, NAS, and EBS

 Several hundred hours of high definition video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. Those videos are then seamlessly distributed around the w... Read More

3 Tips for Optimizing AWS EBS Performance

Optimizing AWS Elastic Block Store (AWS EBS) usage is not a simple task. Many factors must be taken into account to actually achieve peak performance ... Read More

5 Optimal Approaches for Your Hyper-V to AWS Migration Strategy

The project has passed its deadline. It is taking too long to migrate each Virtual Machine (VM). The customer is unhappy with such long service outage... Read More