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Cloud Cloning with FlexClone: Cloud Volumes ONTAP Customer Case Studies

Testing is a vital component in the developmental process for both startups and the largest enterprises. DevOps teams are charged with the task of set... Read More

AWS Storage Costs: All in One Place

AWS provides multiple storage services—EBS, EFS, S3 and others. AWS storage costs are complex, and are scattered in multiple places on the Amazon webs... Read More

Google Cloud Website Hosting with Google Cloud Storage

In this day and age, hosting a website has never been so easy. Yet, with so many advanced and feature-rich services out there we often forget the simp... Read More

Azure Cost Optimization: 12 Ways to Save on Azure

Many organizations are moving additional resources to the cloud, and cloud costs are becoming a large part of IT budgets. As you get started with Azur... Read More

Google Cloud Pricing vs AWS: A Fair Comparison?

Google Cloud is the smallest of the big three cloud players but is quickly gaining popularity. When planning a Google Cloud migration, or considering ... Read More

What Is Your Data Access Frequency?

Similar to the machines that powered the first Industrial Revolution during the 18th century, digitization of information is now powering the digital ... Read More

SQL Server End of Life Challenges and How Cloud Volumes ONTAP Can Help

SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 have reached the official end of life and customers are facing upgrade choices that have various financial and ... Read More

Hosting Legacy Apps in the Cloud: Is It Possible?

In the first post in this three-part series about microservices and legacy applications, we compared a legacy monolith with microservices. In the seco... Read More

How to Automate Storage Volume Provisioning with Ansible and Cloud Volumes ONTAP

The fast-paced DevOps model has revolutionized how enterprises develop and release new products and services to their customers. But at a certain scal... Read More

Refactor Monoliths Into Microservices in Cloud

In the first article in this three-part series about microservices, we compared monolithic and microservices-based architectures. In this post, we’ll ... Read More