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NIST Data Privacy Framework: A Quick and Easy Introduction to the NIST Framework

At the beginning of 2020, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a set of guidelines that will help enterprises adapt to ... Read More

Comparing Storage Tiering Options on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Tiering is about finding the best storage option for data throughout its lifecycle. Not all data is always in active use and keeping it on a performan... Read More

Azure Kubernetes Service How-To: Configure Persistent Volumes for Containers in AKS

Kubernetes is the leading managed container orchestration platform preferred by customers deploying microservices-based architectures in the cloud. Az... Read More

AWS Backup: Centrally-Managed Backup for the Amazon Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used by many organizations to backup on-premise and cloud-based resources. AWS Backup is a new Amazon service that centra... Read More

Google Cloud Compute Engine Snapshots: A How-To Guide

One of the first services people get acquainted with in Google Cloud Platform is Compute Engine. The service enables customers to deploy and manage Go... Read More

Linux on Azure Workload Migration: Challenges and Solutions

With cloud adoption at the heart of digital transformation for enterprises, there’s been a lot of buzz around the feasibility of deploying and hosting... Read More

Azure Cost Management: Visualize, Predict and Optimize Your Azure Bill

Azure cost management is an important topic for anyone responsible for managing workloads in Azure. It is also the name of a free Azure service that h... Read More

AWS Cost Optimization: Concepts, Tools and Best Practices

Amazon Web Services provides a huge variety of services. Predicting and managing costs for large deployments can sometimes be overwhelming. Get a grip... Read More

How Data Protection Regulations Impact Enterprise Storage Management

The value of personal data is soaring. Companies routinely buy and sell it. It gives online marketers deep insights into our spending behavior, helpin... Read More

AWS EFS: Is It the Right Storage Solution for You?

Amazon EFS is an AWS file sharing service that lets you manage file shares, like those used on traditional networks, and mount them on cloud or on-pre... Read More