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New AWS “Consulting Partner” Program for NetApp Cloud First Partners Is Coming Soon

Posted by Delya Jansen Topics: AWS, AWS / Amazon, Amazon

We have some exciting news for NetApp Cloud First partners: The AWS Marketplace channel will soon launch a new program, Consulting Partner. Read More

Oracle Performance and Storage Comparison in AWS: Cloud Volumes Service, EBS, EFS

Get the most out of your Oracle database with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service. Read More

Is Cloud Volumes Service for AWS the Fastest Storage?

High performance I/O is a fundamental requirement for many enterprise applications and services, including database platforms, High Performance Comput... Read More

All About AWS EBS (Plus Five AWS EBS Functions You Aren’t Using)

To successfully meet the challenge of storing data in the cloud using AWS, IT professionals need to familiarize themselves with the management of Amaz... Read More

Overcome Amazon RDS Size Limits with Data Tiering to Amazon S3

When setting up an enterprise-grade database, there are multiple challenges to deal with, including the system’s performance, agility, security and co... Read More

Migrating Data to and from Amazon EFS with Cloud Sync

Amazon EFS (Elastic File System) provides cloud-based NFS file share services that are highly available and scalable. It is very quick to get started,... Read More

Your Personal Amazon S3 Cheat Sheet

For many organizations and startups, Amazon S3 is their first step into the world of cloud adoption. That’s why it’s considered an important service t... Read More

High Availability File Service Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Those of you who’ve managed clustered file systems in a data center have probably never had to worry about maintaining a single source of truth (SSOT)... Read More

King County Wins AWS City on a Cloud Challenge Award with NetApp AltaVault

Posted by Rachel Dines Topics: Amazon

We are pleased to share that King County has won the Amazon Web Services City on a Cloud Challenge, in the Best Practices Award Category, through its ... Read More

OnCommand Cloud Manager drag and drop Hybrid Cloud

Posted by Gerald Coon Topics: HybridCloud, Amazon

So last week I was on a call with a customer. This customer had been with NetApp for a long time (I found E-mail I had with him back to 2007.). You co... Read More