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EMR Clusters: How to Run Data Analytics on Cloud Volumes ONTAP Using Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR is a cost-effective and scalable Big Data analytics service on AWS. EMR clusters are extremely flexible: they can be deployed in just a few... Read More

Windows Server Failover Clustering on AWS with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Windows Server Failover Clustering, commonly referred to as WSFC (historically, Microsoft Clustering Service, or MSCS) has long been a popular solutio... Read More

Migrating Physical Server to AWS: Now Free with AWS CloudEndure

When migrating to AWS, a common challenge is the need to migrate physical, non-virtualized servers to the Amazon environment. CloudEndure was a third-... Read More

Amazon EBS Performance Vs. Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Delivering higher levels of performance from cloud-based storage usually drives up the performance of the entire application stack, as business critic... Read More

Cloud Computing in the Media and Entertainment Industry: Customer Case Studies with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Welcome to our series of blog posts that explore how Cloud Volumes helps various verticals meet their sector-specific challenges and reap all the bene... Read More

How Cloud Volumes ONTAP Accelerates Managed Service Providers

This article is part of a series on the cloud journeys of various verticals, with this one focusing on cloud managed service providers. Read More

AWS GovCloud Services: Sensitive and Classified Data on the Public Cloud

AWS GovCloud is a special, highly secured Amazon region built for United States government agencies and companies that work with and support them. It ... Read More

VMware Cloud on AWS Vs. Cloud Volumes ONTAP

For enterprises that have large virtual data center platforms deployed on Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted on VMware vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS has bec... Read More

AWS NFS File Shares with Amazon EFS: 5 Key Considerations

Network File System (NFS) is a distributed file system protocol that lets users access files over a network similar to the way they access local stora... Read More

AWS Cloud Migration Services: Don’t Migrate Alone

Amazon Web Services has made huge investments in making it easier to move workloads to its public cloud. As part of this effort, Amazon offers a range... Read More