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New AWS “Consulting Partner” Program for NetApp Cloud First Partners Is Coming Soon

Posted by Delya Jansen Topics: AWS, AWS / Amazon, Amazon

We have some exciting news for NetApp Cloud First partners: The AWS Marketplace channel will soon launch a new program, Consulting Partner. Read More

Oracle Performance and Storage Comparison in AWS: Cloud Volumes Service, EBS, EFS

Get the most out of your Oracle database with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service. Read More

Is Cloud Volumes Service for AWS the Fastest Storage?

High performance I/O is a fundamental requirement for many enterprise applications and services, including database platforms, High Performance Comput... Read More

MySQL in the Cloud: NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

Are you looking for consistently good performance for your MySQL database? Really, who is going to answer no to that question? Read More

Cloud Snapshot Costs: Amazon EBS Snapshots, Azure Snapshots, and Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud)

Cloud storage snapshots are point-in-time copies of cloud volumes. Keeping consistent copies of your volumes ensures that if your data on your volume ... Read More

Automating Your Disk Backup and Data Archive Part 1: AWS Database Backup and Azure Database Backup

In today’s world of highly-available systems, automatic failover and disaster recovery, there’s still an important role for data backups to play in da... Read More

Find and Optimize Your AWS Storage Costs

One of the major reasons organizations migrate to the AWS cloud is to gain the elasticity that can grow and shrink on demand, allowing them to pay onl... Read More

Protecting Amazon S3 Configurations

Securing public cloud infrastructure is now a top priority for every organization that leverages cloud services to host their application or data. Read More

Comparing AWS Storage SLAs: Which Protects You Best

Cloud storage is one of the main pillars of cloud computing. Read More

How to Reach RPO=0 Using AWS and Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly ONTAP Cloud)

Mission-critical systems require “five nines” of uptime, with strong guarantees on the durability of data storage. Read More