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NetApp: Making Cloud Impossibilities Possible

John Wrobel, Vice President of Cloud Data Services, Sales and Business Development, has been with NetApp for just over three years. He came on board w... Read More

Azure NetApp Files: HIPAA for SLED & FED

Big data is the future of healthcare, and the public cloud is one of healthcare's most significant enablers. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Pic... Read More

Chip Design and the Azure Cloud: An Azure NetApp Files Story

Semiconductor, or chip, design firms are most interested in time to market (TTM); TTM is often predicated upon the time it takes for workloads, such a... Read More

Big News: Azure NetApp Files is Now Ready for HIPAA

There’s big news for healthcare sector customers who want security and performance in the cloud: Patient data protected under the Health Insurance Por... Read More

5 Ways Cloud Teams Can Ensure Successful SAP Migration and Management

Organizations are increasingly looking to Azure for their SAP migration in order to  benefit from the unparalleled scalability, compute SKUs customize... Read More

Meet Canada Data Sovereignty Requirements With ANF, Now in Canada!

We are happy to announce the availability of Azure NetApp Files in the Canada Central Region, enabling Canadian customers to deploy their file-based A... Read More

How Azure NetApp Files Supports HPC Workloads in Azure

With the advent of cloud services and VM SKUs that offer massive compute power, Azure has become the preferred destination for the deployment and migr... Read More

Address Persistent Storage Woes in Azure Kubernetes Service

Container-based workloads have become commonplace in the cloud, with enterprises showing a clear preference toward Kubernetes as an orchestration plat... Read More

NetApp and Microsoft Have a Clear Vision for the Cloud

Anthony Lye, Senior Vice President & GM Cloud BU at NetApp, is not someone who likes to take all the credit. When we sat down with him recently to con... Read More

Linux on Azure Workload Migration: Challenges and Solutions

With cloud adoption at the heart of digital transformation for enterprises, there’s been a lot of buzz around the feasibility of deploying and hosting... Read More