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Overcome Windows File Share Challenges in the Cloud

As on-premises infrastructures age, becoming increasingly prone to failure and susceptible to security threats, enterprises are seeking out the cloud ... Read More

Cloud Architects: Supercharge Your HPC Workloads in Azure

Innovation is often met with resistance. But true pioneers push forward despite all adversity, and when they achieve their goal—well, they keep on pus... Read More

New SAP Certification and Region Availability for Azure NetApp Files

Customers have quickly been consuming file services in Azure, following the general availability announcement of Azure NetApp Files in May 2019. Since... Read More

To Migrate or Not to Migrate? Legacy and Line-of-Business Applications in the Cloud

With the fast pace of cloud adoption, cloud service providers have attempted to keep up by offering a robust portfolio of services for enterprises. To... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Eases SAP Deployment in Cloud

The alarm clock blares at 5:30 AM, tearing Hazel from an anxious sleep. Read More

How to: Configure Kubernetes or OpenShift to use the most performant file storage on Azure

On June 1st 2019, Microsoft announced the GA of their latest shared file service: Azure NetApp Files (ANF)– a PaaS shared file service supporting both... Read More

Ready to Solve Your Enterprise Linux File Requirements in Azure?

Both the migration and deployment of applications in the cloud require careful planning, evaluation, and service mapping—all while keeping in mind per... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Opens the Door to More Solutions with New Capabilities in Azure

On May 28, Microsoft and NetApp® announced the general availability of Azure NetApp Files. On that date, Microsoft released Azure NetApp Files, a powe... Read More

Out-of-This-World Kubernetes Performance on Azure with Azure NetApp Files

On June 1, 2019, Microsoft announced the GA of their latest shared file service: Azure NetApp Files (ANF), a PaaS shared file service that supports bo... Read More

Myth Busting: Is Cloud Storage Faster Than On-Premises?

Even though  the cloud storage market has continued to grow into a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s expected to reach $207.05 billion by 2026, mis... Read More