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Build Your Own or Azure NetApp Files? Wrestling Linux File Shares into Cloud

Posted by Jeff Whitaker Topics: Azure NetApp Files

In today’s IT climate, all roads lead to the cloud. The real question is no longer if enterprises will move to the cloud; instead, enterprises are ask... Read More

Why Azure NetApp Files Is a Game Changer for the Energy Sector

In today’s race to create clean and efficient energy, Azure NetApp Files paves the way for companies to increase efficiency and cloud performance whil... Read More

A Reference Architecture for Deploying Oracle Databases in the Cloud

Cloud adoption among enterprises is unfolding rapidly, with many adopting a cloud-first strategy for new projects and migrating their existing systems... Read More

Meet Cloud Sync, the Muscle Behind Cloud Migration

Jessica couldn’t believe it. She’d gone out for a long walk, even grabbed a long lunch, because her modeling application had been loading outrageously... Read More

Cloud Native Batch Processing Just Got 6x Faster with ANF

Slower processing speeds and higher costs happen. And they’re understandable in certain circumstances; but four hours for batch processing in a cloud ... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Enables Elite Enterprise Apps: Part 2

Delivering on a Cloud-First Mandate Gartner predicts that by 2021, more than half of global enterprises that are currently using cloud will adopt an a... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Enables an Elite Class of Enterprise Apps: Part One

Azure NetApp Files is moving beyond merely providing storage; it's now enabling a new, elite class of applications in Azure that are superior in abili... Read More

Azure NetApp Files Eliminates Cloud Vendor Lock-In for Government

“As a long-time Microsoft partner and as part of a cloud advisory group for Azure File Shares, I’ve been talking to Azure senior engineers for some ti... Read More

A CEO Speaks: Why Azure NetApp Files Delivers Better Cloud Transformation

"There are so many considerations when enterprises migrate to the cloud. Azure NetApp Files takes care of secure file migration, infrastructure archit... Read More

Azure NetApp Files + Shared Services: A Conduit for Transformation

Posted by Lee Jiles Topics: Azure NetApp Files

The shared services model has been around in IT for several years. The model itself creates an outstanding opportunity for organizations to increase t... Read More