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The Ultimate Azure File Storage Cost and Performance Optimization Checklist

From agility to faster time to market and reduced operational costs, the cloud has copious benefits for large-scale deployments and application migrat... Read More

The UX Dream Team: Windows Virtual Desktop, FSLogix, Azure NetApp Files

Now that Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is now generally available (GA), you may be wondering about best practices for deploying highly avail... Read More

Amp Up End-User Experience in Windows Virtual Desktop With Azure NetApp Files

For more than a decade, desktop virtualization has been a hot topic throughout the virtualization industry. Organizations view desktop virtualization ... Read More

Azure Keeps Banking Customer Data Secure

We’ve all been there: reading that email that’s notifying you of suspicious activity on your credit card. Your heart drops. You cancel your card, but ... Read More

Why Should You Migrate Databases to Azure?

In adopting a cloud-first strategy, one of the first items on the list is: How do I get there? Application migration to Azure is a top priority for or... Read More

Fast Track Your SAP Deployments in Azure with ANF

Increasingly, organizations are beginning to deploy SAP applications in Azure due to the platform’s numerous advantages for SAP requirements, includin... Read More

Overcome Windows File Share Challenges in the Cloud

As on-premises infrastructures age, becoming increasingly prone to failure and susceptible to security threats, enterprises are seeking out the cloud ... Read More

Cloud Architects: Supercharge Your HPC Workloads in Azure

Innovation is often met with resistance. But true pioneers push forward despite all adversity, and when they achieve their goal—well, they keep on pus... Read More

New SAP Certification and Region Availability for Azure NetApp Files

Customers have quickly been consuming file services in Azure, following the general availability announcement of Azure NetApp Files in May 2019. Since... Read More

To Migrate or Not to Migrate? Legacy Apps and Line-of-Business Applications in the Cloud

With the fast pace of cloud adoption, cloud service providers have attempted to keep up by offering a robust portfolio of services for enterprises. To... Read More