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How to Automate Storage Provisioning in Azure Deployment

Cloud deployments at scale demand streamlined processes and automation tools in place for quick provisioning and ongoing management of resources. For ... Read More

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Choosing the Best Cloud Provider for You

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform collectively dominate the cloud computing market. Whether you are developing an ini... Read More

Using Azure Backup Server to Backup Workloads and Files to Azure

The Azure Backup Service offers multiple options for backing up on-premises and cloud-based workloads to Azure storage. Azure Backup Server is the mos... Read More

Azure First Steps: How to Create Azure Storage Accounts and Upload Blobs

With hybrid and cloud-only architectures taking center stage in today’s IT landscape, Azure storage has gained significance as the cloud storage of ch... Read More

Azure vs Google Cloud: How They Compare

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are two of the leaders in the cloud computing market. If you are considering migrating to Google Cloud  or Azure, or ... Read More

Azure High Availability: Basic Concepts and a Checklist

High availability is a quality of computing infrastructure that is important for mission-critical systems. High availability permits the computing inf... Read More

How to Switch Between Azure Blob Storage Tiers

The enterprise storage landscape caters to different types of data, with part of this data being actively used by applications on a day-to-day basis, ... Read More

AWS and Azure High Availability: Architectures, Service Options, and Benefits

High availability is the cornerstone of all IT architecture, making sure that enterprise workloads are protected from planned and unplanned outages. T... Read More

Azure Backup Pricing for Dummies

Microsoft provides the Azure Backup service, which backs up data to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure backup supports Azure virtual machines (VMs) and ... Read More

Azure Availability Zones: An In-Depth Look

Many organizations rely on large cloud providers like Azure, which offer flexible and resilient infrastructure that is suitable for enterprise workloa... Read More