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The 5 Enterprise-Grade Azure Features You Need to Know About: Azure Backup, Security, and More

When companies decide to migrate their applications or infrastructure to the cloud, it creates a total paradigm shift from the traditional on-premises... Read More

The Largest Block Storage Volumes the Public Cloud Has to Offer: AWS EBS, Azure Disks, and More

With the ever-growing amount of data that companies generate today, you can never have enough storage space. When the time comes to add new disks, not... Read More

Deploying a Virtual Storage Appliance in Azure

According to Gartner, a hybrid storage appliance is: “A physical or virtual storage caching system that destages local or on-site data storage to the ... Read More

How to Attach and Mount Managed and Unmanaged VHD Files to Azure VMs

Microsoft Azure has two types of virtual hard disks (VHDs): unmanaged and managed. When comparing Azure managed vs. unmanaged disks, the biggest diffe... Read More

Find and Delete Unused Azure Disks and Reduce Storage Costs

One of the major reasons for storage costs you may not be aware of is the presence of unused virtual hard disks (VHDs) in your storage account.   Unus... Read More

What Is Azure Site Recovery and How Do You Use It?

Some of the biggest driving factors for companies today are fault tolerance and business continuity. Companies need to be able to recover from catastr... Read More

Comparing AWS and Azure Storage Pricing and Features

Gone are the days when there was a need to provision raw storage inside the server for “fast” data access. Today, there are so many cloud storage opti... Read More