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Gain Control of Your Salesforce Data

Companies store vital data on their CRM. Salesforce is the most popular CRM SaaS provider, but Salesforce customers face a serious challenge when it c... Read More

Why is Salesforce Recommending Customers Backup Their Own Data?

While Salesforce has a data protection strategy, the popular SaaS-based service highly recommends that customers backup their own data. Read More

How to Protect Your Salesforce Data

Salesforce is the most widely used customer relationship management, but there are several challenges associated with the data protection solution pro... Read More

How Software-Defined Storage Is Transforming Hybrid Cloud Architectures

With the advent of the cloud, traditional data centers and storage architectures have turned to software-defined architecture to provide features such... Read More

5 Things to Think About Before You Backup on Azure

Many cloud vendors offer some kind of backup service as it is a simple but important use case for every business.  Read More

Backup or Pay Up: How to Defeat Ransomware with Cloud Based DR

By now, we’re no longer surprised when we hear about new and vicious ransomware attacks. Back in the day, CryptoWall and TeslaCrypt were real shockers... Read More

How To Back Up Your Hosted Database in Azure

These days, databases are far more stable and reliable than they used to be, but there's still a possibility that you can lose data due to a bug in th... Read More

How to Automate Your EBS Volumes Backup

Imagine an application which requires 24x7 availability with maximum 15 minutes of downtime allowed. How would you ensure the database hosted on your ... Read More