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Challenges in Monitoring for Compliance

In part 1 of this article, I reviewed how your monitoring strategy can (and must!) go hand-in-hand with you compliance strategy. However, like most as... Read More

Why Monitoring Is Important for Compliance

Why monitor? Monitoring is the process of watching operations and making sure that they proceed as planned. Traditionally, with digital operations, mo... Read More

So You’re Collecting All the Performance Metrics: Now What?

Last week I posted an article on LinkedIn that detailed how to roll out Cloud Insights collectors to hundreds of servers and applications, quickly and... Read More

Why is Monitoring IT Infrastructure So Hard? Part 2

In a previous article, we focused on IT modernization with regard to changes to roles and working practices and how to tackle these challenges from an... Read More

Why Is Monitoring Modern IT Infrastructures So Hard? Part 1

Today’s IT is moving fast. We don’t have time to coddle our servers by tending to them in the time-consuming way that we used to or dig out a dozen fl... Read More

Hosting Legacy Apps in the Cloud: Is It Possible?

In the first post in this three-part series about microservices and legacy applications, we compared a legacy monolith with microservices. In the seco... Read More

Refactor Monoliths Into Microservices in Cloud

In the first article in this three-part series about microservices, we compared monolithic and microservices-based architectures. In this post, we’ll ... Read More

Monolithic vs. Microservices: A Pragmatic Comparison

How do you move from monoliths to microservices—and how do you justify the migration? When do you know you should really make the shift? As you may su... Read More

Do You Really Have to Deal with Data Security?

As a Site Reliability Engineer or IT Operations Manager, you might think the answer is NO, it’s not my job to deal with data security. But if you igno... Read More

Getting Started With Cloud Insights

As cloud adoption matures across organizations of all sizes, IT teams face a new challenge: how to monitor and optimize resource usage across a multit... Read More