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Cloud Sync – A Cross-Cloud Service with NetApp DNA

In our discussions with customers and with corporations in general, we often say that data has mass. Or that it creates its own gravity. Read More

The S3 Outage: Be Prepared For Unavoidable Cloud Failures

All of us are on the brink of failure. “Every veteran IT professional knows what it means to have your site down. No matter what the cause, we need to... Read More

Thinking of Cloud Computing Efficiency? It’s All About Transportation

Let’s suppose, just for a moment, that your company is doing a bit of self-reflection on how to best utilize its assets.And suppose this line of inqui... Read More

Why Cloud Storage is Not Enough

Massive cloud storage solutions offer many "9s" in their SLAs. For instance, 99.99% uptime, but are they enough? For enterprises and small businesses ... Read More

The Five "B"s of an Optimized AWS GovCloud Experience

Amazon Web Services GovCloud is a great enabler for government agencies and public sector bodies looking to adopt the cloud but still adhere to specif... Read More