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Data Streaming for Analytics in a Hybrid Cloud Using Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a widely-spread scalable storage service that allows vendors to store data blocks structured in buckets i... Read More

One-Click SAP System Migration to the Cloud

Have you ever dreamed of quickly moving your dev/test SAP HANA system into the cloud? Fully automated with a one-click workflow? Without the hassle of... Read More

Avoiding Data Leaking: Syncing, Securing and Monitoring Amazon S3 Buckets

Posted by Gali Kovacs Topics: Cloud Sync, AWS, 6 minute read

The security of sensitive data both at rest and in transit is critical. Recently there have been far too many occurrences where data within Amazon S3 ... Read More

Rsync or Cloud Sync - Putting DIY Data Migration Tools to the Test

Posted by Gali Kovacs Topics: Cloud Sync, 5 minute read

Migrating to the cloud is never an easy process for a company to undertake. Beyond the culture shift, migrations require finding the right type of too... Read More

Cloud Sync: A Valuable Resource for Successful Cloud Migrations

Cloud migrations live and die by the transfer tools that are used to move data into the cloud. If your company is about to undergo the massive shift t... Read More

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Migrating Data to the Cloud

It’s finally happening: your company is moving to the cloud and you are responsible for getting it done. Read More

Synchronizing Data Transfers with Cloud Sync

To leverage Amazon S3’s full potential for Big Data analytics, data querying, and business intelligence, you need all of your on-premises and cloud-ba... Read More

Best Practices and Tips for Optimizing AWS EMR

AWS Elastic MapReduce (AWS EMR) provides the infrastructure to run Apache Hadoop on Amazon Web Services. The open-source Apache Hadoop has the ability... Read More

A Deep Look at Uploading Data to Amazon S3

Posted by Gali Kovacs Topics: Cloud Sync, AWS, 7 minute read

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is one of the most popular data storage services offered by AWS. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from making... Read More

Synchronizing Data to S3: Effectively Leverage AWS EMR with Cloud Sync

Big Data analytics is an essential service for all enterprise customers. Analyzing huge amounts of data provides otherwise hidden insights and increas... Read More